I don’t share a whole hell of a lot of my personal life here.

But – I know most of you know about my dear friend and companion P-Chan, who is the inspiration for all of the black cat incarnations in this strip.

Well, after 2.5 years, we have given up struggle with the damn abscess behind his left eye (which is now defeating all antibiotics. Thank You, Evolution!) and he’s now under the knife of a much-trusted vet who knows and cares for him to remove not only the abscess but also his left eye.

The alternate surgery would have not only been hideously expensive (could NOT have afforded it)  but could not have guaranteed his sight. the eye, or all the nerves in half his face.


It means (after all is over) that he won’t be in pain and it will all be over but – –

Shit.  He trusts me.  I wish I could have found and afforded a better way.

And it’s STILL frigging expensive because The Thing was a “pre-existing condition.” that his vet insurance policy would not have covered.

You folk are already wonderful.  But any gifts you give at this point, I will reward with a 6+ page prequel story (digital) that will show you what exactly happened when the teenage Tula dealt (effectively) with the teenage Maldik’s unwanted advances more than 6 years ago.  🙂

Love always regardless,