Sorry I missed Friday, kids, but things were a bit busy at work, and I’ve had a bit to do taking care of a now one-eyed P-Chan.

“Arrh! Mow.”

In general, he’s fine, and of course he will look awful until his fur grows back in.  He otherwise is acting normal and now he’s in a lot less pain.  I look forward to a few more good years with him.

And I am very grateful for all those who’ve given me money, every little bit does help, and it makes me very glad to know all of you.

As for the incentive, I have a question for those who donated:  Would you like the pages of the story of the teen Tula and Maldik one at a time as I finish them?  Or would you prefer to wait until it’s complete?   Or something in-between, like two or three pages at a crack?


Let me know, and thanks once again.


Warmest regards,