Hi, Kids.

Here’s the bad news: Only one update per week for the next two to three weeks – and no promise on when they’ll happen, either, though I will shoot for Fridays, for old times sake.

Here’s the good news: In partnership with MLennium Productions*, a wonderful little comic book/movie and TV collectibles company, I will have a table at Central Coast Comic Con in Ventura, September 7 & 8 2013. So, in considerably less than a month I must finish the print version of Zona #2, (which I have been dawdling over for way too long) get some new tee shirts printed up and see what else I can literally bring to the table. I will be there in my own person, with my laptop and some big screens to demonstrate how a Poser comic is done. I am also, of course, open at that time to any commissions, etc. So any of you folks in LA, Orange or Ventura counties have the opportunity to be the first to lay your hands on Zona #2, and to have a great time overall at a nice little regional con.

Learn more here:


Comics, Scifi, Fantasy, Horror, Steam Punk – pretty much all the stuff folk like us are into.

So – sorry for the month of few updates, but it is gonna be for a worthy cause. And if you cannot be there because you’re in Denmark or something, fear not. We will have #2 on sale immediately thereafter.

Warmest regards,


*NO, NOT “Millennium Productions.” (Note the spelling difference) They are a porn company. They’re also in the San Fernando Valley, but that is the extent of the similarity.