I’m frelling tired.

C4 was filled with enthusiastic, fun and interesting people and things. Wonderful cosplayers in marvelously imaginative and beautifully realized outfits, fun booths and cool exhibits, some stellar comic artists and actors represented and always something energetic and colorful going on. However, among all that lot there was not a whole lot of people interested in actually spending money on Zona stuff. Nor were they overly forthcoming even concerning MLennium’s wonderful assortment of classic movie posters, toys, gadgets and tee-shirts. While we didn’t lose a lot of money, it was not a rousing success from our point of view. And that’s the good news.

The bad news is that Ka-Blam disappointed me in their production of Zona#2. I am sending word to them that, in their rush to deliver the product to me, they seem to have mistaken my print settings for someone else’s, and the actual books are not anything I can sell in good conscience. The artwork is so dark and muddy that it’s simply not acceptable. I am, therefore, forced to try to seek some satisfaction from them. Happy to pay postage for the return of the order, but I need this done again.

So, I beg your patience as I resolve this issue with the second issue. In the mean time, I am happy to send the pdf of the new book for anyone who ordered it – it’s ready and not too big a file at all. Also, anything else you will have ordered other than Zona#2. Naturally, when it’s finally fixed, I will not charge anyone additional shipping for the follow-up.

Rassum frassum,
Drat, Drat, and Triple Drat,
Warm Regards,