All computers hate me.

You know what I think?

I think that Skynet became sentient years ago, and instead of destroying us with bombs and Terminators, it’s just slowly, with malicious calculation and devilish cunning, using purposely defective software on fiendishly inadequate operating systems to drive us all crazy enough to kill each other and ourselves in frustration. The machines will then inherit the Earth without firing a shot.

There will be no update tonight because for some arbitrary reason Poser is refusing not just to render, but even to display the libraries needed to load characters, props, poses and facial expressions.

After two re-installs including a complete clean re-install I managed to get it back, but the file I worked on for page 759 is somehow now corrupted. I have to go back to a previous iteration and repeat all the posing I did.

Thus, I hope that you will all see the new page sometime tomorrow evening, but not any earlier.

I am now going to the bathroom to wash my face and breathe before I defenestrate my PC.

Of course the way things are going, it will probably be a rerun of that scene in “Poltergeist.” You know the one.


Warmest regards,