Okay, guys –  here it is.

For the next two weeks, life is, as Strong Bad would say, Crazy GoNuts.

I have two separate performing gigs to rehearse for and then perform.

And in about a week, I am MOVING.   My whole schtick is going across town and recreating itself in a different environment, phone, internet, bed, couch, etc.

None of this is bad – but it is fairly inconvenient and involved, all happening at the same frigging time.

On top of which, I still have to keep working at my 40 hour a week plus job.

So my energy is going into something besides Zona for at least the next ten to fourteen days.

So yes, we’re on a bit of a cliffhanger here.

But NO, we are not changing scenes at all.

When we pick up again, we will take up precisely where we have left off.  This will also help me give the upcoming scene the attention it needs, because it’s something I have had in my head for a long time and I would really like it to come out as good as it can.

Warmest regards,