Relationship implosion is still ongoing, but will sort itself out.

Hopefully on Monday you all will begin to have new pages – trust me I wanted this sequence to be fast-paced and exciting, not dragged out and frustrating. My apologies.


But there are a couple of things I do have for you. I created calendar desktops for the full year of 2014.  One is safe for work – a reworking of one of my favorite images from the past in the series.

(Teaser image, not the whole thing, obviously)

The other is NOT SFW:


All you need to do to get them is donate anything above 1$ to Zona.

If you have already contributed ANYTHING at all, including for other swag, you also get them.  Just let me know and I will send you the URL.

(NOTE that Zona#2 IS going to come out, despite all the delays, and will likely be printed and shipped with new extras for your wonderful patience early in 2014. )

Other things are happening in 2014, so watch this space!


Warm regards,