Bud & Lou: "Dang"

Action Sisters (Early)

Sisters (later)

Goodbye To The Giants

Gone To Soulgeek (Oct `08)

Gorshash (with both his eyes)

In The Kivalian Court - Sincere Smiles

Holiday Card, `06

With MoonFang

In Salzburg, `08

Salzburg Open Market, `08

Keltan's Bio

Toon Lil' Zona (an experiment)

Another Toon Lil' Zona (Hey, I thought it was funny ...)

Liri's Bio

London, `06

London, `07

Mentl&Zona The First Morning After

Little Princesses, Page 1

Little Princesses, Page 2

Zona Study

Mentl Rockin'


In The Tanners

In The Tanners, The Tavern

Zona in Winter Sketch

Zona In Locker Room (Moving, `06)

Teria, Goddess of The Land: Sketch

Tethik, Sketch

Zona, Cheesecake in Tigerskin

Zona In Kivalia: "Try Me."

Tula in Teddy 1

Tula in Teddy 2

Tula in Teddy 3

Tula in Teddy 4

Tula in Teddy 5

Tula in Teddy 6

Tula New HairTest Sketch

Tula, unused render, Pg136

Tula Explains Love-Bonding

Tula's Think On Giants

Vito, Sketch

Urtt - Test sketch

Zona In Kivalia: "Very Well"

Vito and a frosty Captain `N Coke

Yanora @ 21

Yatta-Ta Of Ir Anis: Unused render

Yatta-Ta in his "Shining" Armor

Mentl & Zona, Page 264

Vito, 1969

Zona In Chains

Zona, old Pencil Sketch

Zona, old Poser 4 Sketch

Zona, Old Bio Pic

Zona, Test with Water Simulation

Zona, Old Pen and Ink Scene

Zona, Early Poser 4

Zona, Torn Top

Zona, "You Are SO Cute!"

Morning After: Birth of a Legend.

Morning After: Take 2

Epilogue: Page 1

Epilogue: Page 2