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Finally the second print issue:

The Challenges Of Zona, Volume 1, Issue 2!
Shipping beginning 9/9/13


Donation:  7 dollars for US, includes shipping.  Foreign is 5.50 USD plus shipping, depending on destination.
24 reworked pages, and for a limited time receipt of this volume entitles you to a download of the pdf version at no extra!

Still available:
The Challenges Of Zona, Volume 1

Donation:  9 dollars for US, includes shipping.  Foreign is 7 dollars plus shipping, depending on destination.
44 pages re-postworked and, in many cases re-rendered art, plus a six-page original story never seen on the Web.

Pinups: The Ladies of "The Challenges Of Zona"

20 original pieces of high-resolution artwork depicting the heroines of Erogenia - and their friends.

For a donation of 10 dollars.


For a donation of 10 bucks or more, you can download one of the two original "Zona" books from back in the Stone Age.  This is where it began, as a very different art form with very different, nay, crude, art.   The characterizations and explicit sexual situations are even cruder, but it is at times funny, and the dungeons actually work. :)  Needless to say,  none will ship to minors.

The Three Challenges of  Zona

This is the first one, wherein three of the Erogenian tribes
 have decided to challenge Ipola's right to rule, and
 Zona, the queen's daughter and champion, has to defend it or all is lost.


Zona and the Children Of The Moon

At Tula's coming-of-age ceremony, a strange warrior appears in a flash of light. 
Zona and Tula are carried to far-off Luna, where they must help restore justice
and a higher standard of living for the pale inhabitants of Criseum.  Naturally,
there's lots of bloodshed and sex along the way.

Zona T-shirts!
Believe it or not, there are Zona tees! 
For a donation of fifteen bucks or more (plus shipping) you can have your own. 
Sizes are M, L and XL while supplies last.
Custom Character Portraits!

Donation: 10 bucks. 15 for nudity.
One character, either one of the characters from the comic,
or even an RPG character from your own campaign. 
700 x 1000 pixels, 72 DPI, on a neutral background in a standard pose.