Princess Zona Zonn-Ipola
Daughter of Ipola, Queen of the Moon Tribe and Zonn the Wanderer.

Zona is the eldest daughter of Queen Ipola, the legendary uniter of all the tribes of Erogenia.  She is also the champion of the Moon Tribe.  Though she has her mother's face, she takes more after her father in most ways.   She's so strong it's unbelievable.  Even for an Erogenian warrior woman she displays almost superhuman might.  She is not a deep thinker, but she's no dummy.  She likes sex a lot, but for an Erogenian, she's a little unconventional in who and what tickles her fancy.  She's impetuous and brash but not boastful, and she doesn't give a shit about the future.  "Be bold, and trust to luck" is her motto.  

She is officially scouting out the southeastern reaches of  the kingdom to check out reports of Urtt raiding parties taking both Erogenian and Kivalian prisoners for slaves - and even worse things. 
 As it happens, she's found the beginnings of a major Urtt offensive in the forests of Kivalia, Erogenia's neighbor and ally.   She also found Mentl, and through circumstance, fate and magick, she seems to have fallen in love with the little man from another world in ways she never could have conceived before.  

Through danger and fire and blood, She, Mentl, and her sister Tula found their way home to the Valley of the Moon, and a hero's welcome, even as Erogenia must now prepare for war.   Unfortunately,  happiness (as it often is in these types of stories)  was short-lived.

From San Bernardino.

Mentl's appearance on the prime material plane where Erogenia exists started as a complete mystery to him.  Mentl happened upon a strange mugging in an alley in a bad part of town.  Two muggers were taking down an old man with a book - and all three of them were killed in a ball of light.  Never having  had the good sense that Providence gives to barnyard fowl, (and thinking that the book might be something he could pawn anyway) Mentl actually walked up and picked the book up. 

He suddenly found himself surrounded by strange people with pitchforks and torches, screaming for his blood.

Mentl is not his real name, but it was all he had used for so long that he'd nearly forgotten the one on his birth certificate when he introduced himself to Princess Zona.  On Earth this wannabe rock star can't hold down a job, can't stick to one thing and in general considers himself a complete loser, despite his very real musical gifts and an encyclopedic knowledge of hits from the 60s onward.

Still, shortly after he arrived he had the extreme good fortune to chance on some Urtts who wanted to kill and eat him.  The fortunate bit is that Zona was also nearby, and tore through the three Urtts like Hurricane Katrina through New Orleans.    For reasons that escaped him, Zona seemed as drawn to this little musician  from Earth as he was to the giant blonde warrior goddess, and they had an unlikely, though very passionate, love affair.  This is complicated by the fact that Mentl himself has been revealed to be a natural enchanter, whose magick is extremely powerful, and which he has only begun to learn how to use. 

This very power and his inability to control it has led to pointed questions from Queen Ipola and her advisors as to the genuine nature of Mentl and Zona's love.  These questions, however unintentionally,  have triggered Mentl's innate insecurities.  He no longer believes that Zona truly loves him, and it seems that he has disappeared once again from the dimension which Erogenia inhabits and returned to his native San Bernardino - for the moment.

Princess Tula Uthic-Ipola
Daughter of Ipola, Queen of the Moon Tribe and King Uthic of the Wolf Tribe

Tula is Zona's sister and closest friend.  Though younger than Zona by four years, Tula is the level-headed and wiser  member of the two, and is generally acknowledged, without rancor or jealousy, as being the "smart one."  She has always been more interested in books, languages and the mystic arts, while Zona's talents naturally took her to the way of the warrior.  Together they are incredibly formidable and have shared many adventures.  They are half-sisters, children of different fathers, though that is unimportant both to their status as princesses and to their close relationship.  Tula's father Uthic has acknowledged her, (the concept of "illegitimacy" not being at all the same as it is in other cultures) and though he has chosen another child to be his successor, both he and Ipola recognize that this young Moon princess has a very important future.  She took her vows as a priestess of the Moon two months ago, a full five years before what is generally customary.  She throws a mean spell, and she looks damn good while doing it, too.

In her early teens, she stayed in Normos and studied languages, magick and history there for two years as a guest of the Kivalian court.  At that time the young prince Maldik became desperately enamored of her, much to her embarassment.  The fact that he survived with only minor injuries is a testament to her restraint, and her respect for the laws of hospitality.
Queen Ipola Thantic-Ravonna
Queen of the Moon Tribe, Mistress of the Silver Tower, Liege-lady of all Erogenia

At the age of nineteen, King Thantic of the Moon Tribe as well as his eldest son and daughter became entangled in an argument over an insult with high nobles of the Bear Tribe in the middle of trade negotiations.  In the ensuing blood fight, all three were killed.  Ipola, the king's youngest daughter, was next in line.  Despite being reasonably popular, Ipola was unlike most Erogenian royalty in that she was neither of the warrior caste, nor naturally inclined to conflict.  She had since childhood studied for the priesthood and was considered by all to be extremely gifted and highly intelligent.  When Thantic died, she took a chance and with only her mentor, the high priestess Karna, rode out to cast the ancient spell to open the Tower Of The Moon, a sacred relic of pre-cataclysmic times that had been magickally held outside the stream of  time for over three thousand years. Unlike hundreds of generations of Moon Tribe royalty before her, Ipola actually successfully broke the spell.  She entered and took possession of the tower, thus ensuring almost unanimous popular support throughout the Moon Tribe, and most of Erogenia. 

Ipola has done what many considered impossible - she has united the nine tribes of Erogenia under single leadership, and also forged an alliance with the city-states of Kivalia for mutual defense against the Urtts.  She is a brilliant, passionate visionary and yet with an iron emotional self-discipline that is rare in Erogenia.   In real terms, she is a badass, but even she finds it difficult to keep the national and international situation in control.   Compared to leading the fractious and quarrelsome Erogenian tribes, cat-herding would be a picnic.

Prince Maldik of Normos

His Royal Highness Prince Maldik is a childish., selfish, grasping, cowardly, short-sighted and generally loathsome individual.  In other words, he's a typical example of Kivalian royalty, with the unfortunate exception that he's also not terribly clever.   He knows Zona from her infrequent visits to Normos, and would love it if she met a violent end at someone else's hands.  Zona wishes she could crush him like an insect, but she knows that Queen Ipola wouldn't approve.  At one point, years ago, the ruling house of Normos actually proposed a marriage alliance between Maldik and Zona.  Queen Ipola politely refused, saying bluntly that she loved her daughter too much to force such a match on her, and that in any case, she could not guarantee the prince's physical safety, not only on the wedding night, but at the ceremony itself.

Maldik has made the supreme mistake, unfortunately, of letting his desire for the crown and power over his mother and brother get the better of him .  He has made a secret pact with the Urtts which involved, somehow, the assasination of Zona and using her death as a pretext to place his mother in the tower.   This will, of course, spell disaster for Maldik. and all the human kingdoms if it cannot be stopped.
Queen Yanora of Normos

Her Majesty Queen Yanora is easily  the most formidable person in Kivalia.  She has lived her entire life in mortal peril from one political plot or another, and has not only survived but prospered.  Sensual, calculating and, when necessary, absolutely ruthless, she has loved only two things completely in her entire life:  Kivalia, and King Kendrik of Normos.  Their marriage was passionate and tempestuous, and there is a rumor that, in a fit of jealousy, she poisoned the king, who perished from a mysterious malady.  Yanora allows this rumor to continue, if only because it keeps her sons King Gudik and Prince Maldik in a certain amount of justifiable fear of the consequences of crossing their mother.  She respects Ipola and the Erogenians, and frankly admires their character, though she sometimes feels that their principles are naive and intellectually backward.

Currently Yanora is in the White Tower, Maldik having placed her under arrest for ordering the murder of Zona, which she has not done.  Through ways of her own, she is still getting news and exerting some influence, though she finds it much more difficult than she would expect, due to the fact that she is not, in fact, playing against Maldik alone, but against others far more formidable.

Still, she should not ever be counted out.  
Count Tethik of Dell

Tethik is a nobleman of  high degree as well as high intelligence, which he never hesitates to remind his royal cousins, King Gudik and Prince Maldik, are the two reasons they will never be rid of him.  His family is from southern Kivalia, and is actually older than the ruling house.  At one point, at the death of the old king, some of the house of Dell even wanted him to make a play for the throne, but he flatly refused, saying that the throne is no place for a man with any integrity.  Tethik is a realist who plays politics well, but secretly nurtures a desire for the days of true chivalry and honor.   He likes and respects the tribe of the Moon, and was one of those who recognized that they were stronger with the Erogenians as allies than as enemies.

Thanks to Maldik's scheming, he is currently "on holiday" from Normos, making his way to the Valley Of the Moon by a circuitous route to throw off any pursuit.

Yatta-Ta of Ir Anis.

Yatta-Ta is a Kivalian from the backwater region of Ir-Anis.  Literally no one in Erogenia or Kivalia has ever heard of him, though he has declared that he is the finest swordsman in all of Kivalia.  To prove that, he originally stalked Zona, intending to beat her in single combat and meet her famous "challenge."   It seems that, despite being somewhat deluded originally about this non-existent "challenge" and Zona's status as a virgin, Yatta-ta actually, by the sufferance of Queen Ipola herself, was given a chance to prove himself in a "wooden duel" (a non-lethal contest) with Zona  in front of virtually the entire Moon Tribe.  To the surprise of everyone but himself, he nearly bested her, impressing  all and sundry.  So gracious and honorable was he in defeat that he has been accepted as a welcome guest, and recognized as somewhat of a badass in his own right.   Despite his bombastic, overly theatrical and at times culturally tone-deaf ways, he seems to be a decent fellow, and has impressed the ladies of the Moon Tribe with his prowess between the sheets - not an easy thing to do.   There is still some mystery about his origins, training and his motives, however, that  puzzles Zona and makes her wonder about him.

Keltan & Liri
Keltan and Liri

Keltan is an old acquaintance and friend of Zona's.  She has known him since they first met and fought (due to a misunderstanding that Zona sincerely regrets) over six years ago.   Keltan is a giant, over sixteen feet high and hugely strong and muscular.

Born to a normal Kivalian farming couple, Keltan was lucky enough to have parents whose hearts were more swayed by love than by superstition, which in Kivalia holds that giants are a harbinger of doom and disaster.  In fact, according to very conservative interpretations of the Holy Tome,  giants are abominations that should be destroyed.

This cut no ice with Keltan's parents, who protected him and loved him until their unfortunate early deaths which left him alone and fending for himself in the wilderness.  Unfortunately Liri's Kivalian parents were not so open or accepting, and they drove their giant child out of the family and the town when she was  ten years old and over nine feet tall.

Giants, however, are remarkably durable in both body and spirit.  Liri survived long enough to meet Keltan, who was "big like her" and liked her.  The two became loving companions. After the fortuitous meeting with Zona, who gently but explicitly gave Liri instructions in how to have sex with a man, they also learned to be lovers -- with a vengeance.   They are now having the time of their lives, in love and gratitude to the Erogenian princess.

There are, however, documented prophecies in both Erogenia and Kivalia that say that giants are associated with  evil times.  Tula's researches make her think, however, that they are there to protect against evil, rather than be part of  it.

King Tor Terk-Elaas
Of the Bull Tribe
King Tor is what  Queen Ipola would describe in exasperation as "SO Erogenian."  Earthy, quick to argue, passionate and not exactly the deepest thinker, (though certainly not stupid)   Tor came late to the table of the alliance and was one of the leaders twenty-five years ago who insisted on a yearly oath of fealty with the option of challenge to Queen Ipola.   A traditionalist at heart, Tor was a hard sell in the early days of the alliance.  Six years ago, his was one of the three challenges that Zona, then new to her championship, met and defeated.  Tor then was forced to re-evaluate many of his previous positions, including allowing women to be warriors.  From the day Zona beat his giant champion, the best and most deadly of the women fighters in the Bull Tribe are allowed to be of the warrior caste.  ( It was distinctly not so before. ) 

Tor has a good heart, and loves his friends and hates his enemies.  He loves a good fight, good drink, good food and good sex, whether it be with men or women.   Erogenian/Kivalian gossip has it that he and Count Tethik of Dell were lovers in their younger years.  Also he freely compliments the Kivalian queen on her skill at fellatio.

Yeah, they had a thing  right after Kendrik died. 

Rannik has known and been in love with Princess Zona since their earliest years of adolescence.  Rannik was actually the favorite to be Moon Tribe champion when Zona entered the grand competition for that job and defeated him.  Unlike some men, Rannik did not resent Zona for her victory, but followed her and assisted her in her quest to defeat the three challengers to Queen Ipola's reign.    Tall, experienced,  an excellent war chief -- and dead sexy to boot, he is a favorite figure of many in the Moon Tribe, especially of the queen herself.  Five years ago, that favoritism was a problem between Ipola and Zona, as he seems to have chosen at the time to favor the mother's romantic attentions over the daughter's.   Both Rannik and Ipola had thought that that was behind all of  them.   They were, alas, mistaken.

Such as often happens in these types of stories.


Boric is, if such a thing can be said, a typical young Erogenian of the warrior caste.   He is bold, beautiful, muscular and lusty.  Not yet nineteen, he has never been tested in battle.   He does, however, have a penchent for the romantic - for poetry  and flowers, and for idealizing young women of whom he is enamoured.  This in contrast to his stated position that he "has better things to do with his life than fall in love."  He is a very ardent admirer of Princess Tula.
Pontagar, Prince and Champion of the Fire Tribe

Pontagar is the son of Arrogand, the king of the Fire Tribe.   Also champion of his tribe for some years, he received a very - to him - humiliating defeat at Zona's hands six  years ago and has not quite ever gotten over the blow to his ego.  He is, like his father, an Erogenian who can easily rationalize some amount of deceit or dishonesty against any who are not of their tribe, or even of their caste or bloodline.  Still, he is an Erogenian and one must assume that there are limits - as yet untried - to his ability to self-deceive.   In practice, he has actually recentlty accepted with grace a face-pounding at Zona's hands, and even acknowledged his own culpability in a testosterone-laden dustup with Mentl.  There may be hope for Pontagar, though it must be acknowledged that he is prone to be a complete dick.
The Twins
Carshik and Brantik of the Fire Tribe.

Carshik and Brantik are mirror twin brothers.   Left-handed Brantik and right-handed Carshik together could well have been the Erogenian champion (at least according to the wisdom of many observers)  if tradition or their own inclination had allowed it.  But they are not ambitous, seeking rather to serve the tribe as facilitators and protectors in a lower profile capacity.  The two have a shared wry sense of humor and have attached themselves to their prince, Pontagar.   Unlike a lot of people, they actually like him - notwithstanding what they must acknowledge as his many character flaws.

Morcai is one of Count Tethik's operatives that does those unfortunate, violent or secret things that sometimes need doing for the sake of what his employer sees as the greater good.  According to Tethik, he is the best and least noticed of  all his agents.  This makes him extremely valuable.  Tethik has given him the charge of a family of second-generation Erogenian/Kivalians who are now at risk thanks to being a loose end in Maldik's scheme to rid himself of the Count. He must safely transport them to Tethik's uncle's stronghold Dell Keep, all by himself.

Morcai  does not love Erogenians, or "Yergoes" as the slur goes, but he does love gold, which Tethik has already given him, and the promise of something more as a bonus - something seemingly pretty sexually filthy, by Kivalian standards - which Morcai cannot resist.
Macon, Archbishop of Normos
Macon is a high churchman in the Kivalian heirarchy.   Born to a noble and highly influential family,. Macon was yet, unfortunately, a third son.   Extra sons and daughters are often put into the priesthood, and so it was with Macon. Not for him a quiet see in the hinterlands.  He is ambitious, ruthless, a shrewd political animal and calculates that this latest situation can be turned to his personal and filial advantage.  He also hates the Erogenians passionately.

Jewel and Moonfang
Erogenian Hunting Cats
This sturdy Erogenian cousin of the smilodon is the domestic companion of choice in most of the Erogenian tribes. Ranging from 275-350 lbs on average, the hunting cat in the wild are pride cats, highly social and gregarious.

 Erogenians have been domesticating them for thousands of years.  They are extremely intelligent and loyal, affectionate and lethal hunting companions.  They are highly useful as protectors of the young and very old, and most families have at least one.   Zona and Tula's personal hunting cats for some years are Jewel, an older blue-eyed female and Moonfang, a tan male with golden eyes and particularly long tusks of which he appears to be inordinately vain.  He and Jewel sometimes seem to quarrel, but either of the two would willingly die for their human family or for each other.

A "Friend"
Vito is, like Mentl, originally from Earth.  Unlike Mentl, Vito is dead.  Vito is an enchanter of major magnitude, and was to be Mentl's master, mentor and teacher in Magick.  Unfortunately, some "assholes from the Deeps dressed as muggers" attacked immediately before Vito could make the fateful meeting with his would-be apprentice.   His last act on Earth  was  to vaporize his attackers and leave the unexplained "Magickal Book" for Mentl to find, facilitating Mentl's transposition to Erogenia.  He's since appeared infrequently, appearing as best he can on the prime material plane of Erogenia and has, at last, made substantial contact with Mentl, imparting some partial explanation and the only instruction on the basics of  magick that Mentl has had.   The rest of the time he lounges in the Otherwhen, in between life and death, bored and watching reruns and old movies in his apartment.
The Urtts

The Urtt races are a species of humanoid mammal-like reptiles that inhabit territories to the Southwest of Erogenia.  They are brutal, cunning, strong and regard the mammalian sentients of  their world as just another resource to be exploited.  They have a long history of capturing, breeding and enslaving Erogenians and Kivalians alike for the express purpose of providing meat and brute labor.  Don't waste any sympathy on these guys, they are 100% pure evil, every single one of them.  Erogenians do not hesitate to kill them on sight, since they have been a frequent and favored target of the Urtt raids.

Gorshash, the Urtt Priest of Shuach
Gorshash is, as Vito described him, "The most dangerous thing in this dimension - a smart Urtt."    Highly intelligent, ambitious and completely ruthless, Gorshash's main weakness is also his greatest strength: An insatiable curiosity and desire for knowledge.   His dream is to completely subjugate all human empires and spread the Urtt influence over the whole continent.  To that end, he has studied histories and grimoires thousands of years old and has uncovered long-dead secrets of the ancient Erogenian Empire and its bloodthirsty god, Shuach.   His curiosity and overconfidence has cost him dearly, as he suffered a pair of  humiliating and completely unexpected personal defeats at Tula's hands, bringing him out of favor with his God, Shuach.  Among all those in the world, he now hates her the most completely. 

Ginsha, the Half-Urtt woman
The Urr-Naitt, or Urtt-human hybrid, are extremely rare, and even rarer is to see one grow to more or less healthy adulthood.  Only a few dozen exist in the world, and Ginsha was one such.  The result of a forced liason between her slave mother and an Urtt slaveholder, Ginsha was desperate to rise above the nonentity that she suffered from both the slave human and Urtt societies of the Urtt empire.  She eagerly volunteered to lure the Erogenians into a trap, and was rewarded by being elevated to non-slave status.  Mentl, in escaping, cast a brutal enchantment on her and was forced to beat her savagely in order to subdue her.  She was left for dead.