IPOLA: For the last time, I extend the offer of … negotiation. Of finding a way to exist in this world without having to war on each other, without a … final solution.    GORSHASH: And again I offer you nothing but scorn.  You shall be destroyed forever and the world will be only for the Urtt. You shall watch as I wrest this tool’s secrets from it, and use them against you!   IPOLA: That is ungracious.  I will take it away from you for that – forcefully.    GORSHASH: And how, from where you are now, will you do that, Ipola Queen?  I feel you must be bluffing.    IPOLA: Goodbye, Gorshash.   GORSHASH: What?   IPOLA: I don’t bluff.     IPOLA: Tonari.     The ring disappears. Ipola disappears.  Gorshash looks around, startled.  He then walks to the door to see the ring, suspended before him, glowing menacingly   IPOLA: Porfaiea.    The ring explodes, filling the screen with plasma
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An Explosive Situation – Page 1202

18 thoughts on “An Explosive Situation – Page 1202

  1. I and several others called. This ring was rigged. It totally had a remote-activatable “sabotage charge” .
    I wonder how Gorshy will tank it. If he tanks it, that is.

  2. I and several others called. This ring was rigged. It totally had a remote-actionable “sabotage charge” .
    I wonder how Gorshy will tank it. If he tanks it, that is.

    1. Very possibly not so much a separate “sabotage charge” as much as an guiding function that kept the high levels of energy in balanced flow. When that guiding function is gone, the energy that makes up the ring becomes rapidly randomized as heat, …. in *large* quantities! That way, there’s nothing left behind to “analyze”.

  3. That’s GOTTA burn…literally…!

    1. Yup. Though I’m sure Gorshash will put up a shield to save him from the worst of it. Still, I imagine there may be some new battle damage.

      1. A shield might work, but in the last panel, the ring is already an expanding cloud of plasma, so I doubt that a spell-word, however powerful, can be spoken fast-enough to block the blast’s shockwave.

  4. A fine example of letting your emotions (in this case hatred of humans) override your common sense (not underestimating the capabilities of the obviously powerful priestess and queen). Gorshash, you done goofed!

    1. I honestly think this has just as much to do with arrogance. If it were him he would blow the ring immediately, so the fact that the “female human animal” Hasn’t means she can’t. Silly female human animal to try and trick the wise Gorshash who has bested even a true Erogenean.

      So it blows up in his face.

  5. Uh! Double page! 😀 Nice! I like her offer before she shows why she’s queen and why not to mess with her. And now it makes sense why Tula had to be there; this was a learning experience for her.

  6. @[JEDraft]:
    In Panel_1 of Pg.2, I’m not sure of what I’m seeing.
    It seems as though I’m looking INTO Gorshash’s mouth, past his tongue, & THROUGH his cheek, to see the wall behind his head…?

    1. I think it’s hair that’s become transparent instead of blacking out the light? But yeah there seems to be a hole in his cheek. I’m guessing something didn’t render right.

    2. When using the ring, the image of the remote person is semi-transparent, as we have shown in previous pages when it’s used. Sorry it wasn’t plainer.

      Warm regards,

      1. So then, this isn’t really Gorshash, it’s just his ring-generated image?
        Most of his head looks so opaque, except for that one part of his left cheek, where the transparency seems to be set to maximum.
        That’s the only area where I’m seeing any part of the background at all, from behind his head.
        Most curious.

        1. Yes, the second to last Gorshash panel looks to be Gorshash in his own dungeon, just before the ring explodes. The above panels are clearly Gorshash as an image in Ipola’s study where his entire person is semi-transparent. 🙂

  7. Negotiations have broken down at the subatomic level.

    1. Quite so, indeed. ^^

  8. Why oh why after all this time would Gorry think Ipola bluffs? Maybe he’s more of a cretin than he has appeared to be.

    In any case, I predict after this Gorry will have been careless again and have left some more pieces of himself behind.

    (Yes, I DID steal that from David Eddings, and it was too good just to leave in Patron)

  9. Ipola: “It’s called a phaser, Gorash.” Gorash: “How does it work?” Ipola: “Turn that little switch to ‘Overload.'”

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