ARROGOND:  They say that Shuach’s power is growing.    PONTAGAR: Yes.  Their magick is greater now than ever.  Greater, so Guntig says, than in the old war.    ARROGOND: And the numbers.  The Urtt army itself – they say that there are thousands more of them than we’ve ever seen.    PONTAGAR: Yes.     ARROGOND: And … is it true that the dragons have returned?   PONTAGAR: I saw them myself, Father.  I don’t mind telling you I nearly shit my breeches just at the sight of them.   ARROGOND: Very … very interesting.     PONTAGAR:  Yes, of course.  Father, I can discuss all this with you after I’m refreshed.  Can we ..   ARROGOND: Of course.  Go rest up.  Tonight is going to be a night to remember!   PONTAGAR: Good.  We have some Bear Tribe mead, right?     ARROGOND: Of course!  Hah-ha!  A barrel just for you.    PONTAGAR: I feel like I could drink a barrel!
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Bear Tribe Mead – Page 1192

13 thoughts on “Bear Tribe Mead – Page 1192

  1. Uh oh. I smell treachery brewing.

    1. Same. Someone is about to offend the cha greatly.

  2. Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal.

    1. Betrayal? Arrogand cannot be thinking about siding with the Urrts, now, can he?

      1. Something something winning side.

    2. Ha ha ha! Mine is an evil laugh! Now die!

  3. Yes, you must have your priorities straight; sleep and good mead first!
    But I’m glad to see the king didn’t decide to questions Ipola’s leadership directly at this time (though he did do it indirectly by not believing her intelligence until his son confirmed it).

  4. Why does he sound like he needs to be sure what to tell an Urtt messenger about to leave his tribe? Or something?

  5. Show of hands, who’s going to actually be surprised if the *Fire* tribe contains some hold-out Erogenian Shuach cultists.

  6. Coming straight from Game Of Thrones to this? Can safely say, much like a soup that has been left on the stove for far too long;

    The plot thickens.

  7. Arrogand sounds like he wants a confirmation of urt’s strength – before joining with them.

  8. Say… has anyone spotted that strange skull-shaped crest on the chimney’s mantle, over the two crossed swords?

    Is it not the crest of Schuach?

    Now, what Shikara, Phoebe, jubjub, Sogen, and Paddy wrote seems an alas likely outcome. :-S

    But if so, how will Pontagar react? How will Carshik and Brantik react?

    1. Na, Arrogond just seems like your regular misogynist guy, who won’t believe any information coming from a woman until it has been confirmed by a man. 😛 The world is full of those guys (unfortunately).

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