LAEMUL: Close your eyes.

YANORA: Really, Laemul?  I’ve played this game before and I – 

LAEMUL: Please trust me just a little bit, Highness.  Just breathe. 


LAEMUL: In through your nose, out through your mouth, Highness.  Calm your thoughts. 

YANORA: Very well. (closes her eyes) 


LAEMUL: When you feel you are relaxed and unfocused, think of a candle flame – imagine it inside the crystal. 


The crystal in his hand begins to glow with the light of a single pure candle flame. 


LAEMUL: Esshateio Meratima Vertu Yanora e Laemul.  

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Finding The Magick – Page 1213

15 thoughts on “Finding The Magick – Page 1213

  1. Hmm… I wonder what the spell means. Any idea, Jed? Please?

    1. I tried looking up the translation using latin and even google translate which said it looked sort of like Portuguese but it came up blank.

      1. No spoilers, you all.
        And it is ancient Palotin, a language of Teria that is a comtemporary of ancient Erogenian. I completely made it up based on how it sounds. Nothing else. I even changed one of the words at the last minute in this spell because the one I started with sounded, (not to put too fine a point on it) really dumb. 🙂
        Nonetheless, I cannot pretend not to be influenced by my paltry acquaintance with foreign languages living and dead as well as the fantasy languages of Tolkien and others. But I would liken my creations more to ER Burroughs’ Barsoomian where we get just a little flavor of another world without having to go into great detail and scholarship.

        Warm regards,

  2. Wow, Laemul looks creepy in that second to last panel! Like, run away as fast as you can creepy!

    1. It’s the lighting, I swear. On the other hand, he’s pretty excited to see her talent.

      As it were.

      Warm regards,


      1. I image he would be. 😉 Just waiting for the next page then.

  3. Well, both their names are in it. That Essha at the beginning of the spell reminds me of the prefixes on the names of some urt relatives. So I would guess merging or linking the two of them. Maybe linking magicka, maybe linking sensations, maybe linking emotions. Hopefully any link is temporary

    1. My thoughts as well. Like what an EVIL grin!

      1. No spoilers. The next page reveals it all.
        And I swear it’s just the lighting!

        Warm regards,

  4. I enjoy seeing that free-use runic circle pop up in different places. It’s like the “Wilhelm Scream” of eldritch incantations.

    1. Aye. It kind of is, indeed. :-3

      1. I have to start getting some new P-shop brushes …


        Warm regards,

  5. Bob's *your* Uncle

    Jed looks like he uses a lot of Greek inspiration, with some slight edits for his spells that includes various other European languages and some Latin. One read of this could be something like “Measure the depth of Yanora’s virtue for Laemul”.

    1. See my response above. Yes, it does have meaning, but you’ll have to wait until page 1214 to find it out.

      Warm regards,

      1. Eagerly awaiting 1214. 🙂

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