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  1. Is Lenthic letting a bit of snobbery shine through, there?

    1. The Fire Tribe have always been portrayed as sexist in their culture. And now you get to see some of it casually displayed by Lenthic.

      Warm regards,

      1. Actually, I thought I’d avoided the obvious sexism remark by choosing to use “snobbery,” referring to Lenthic’s dismissive attitude towards the other tribes, rather than “prejudice”.

  2. All the Fire Tribe men can’t be total arseholes. At least the twins seem pretty alright. But I’m rather surprised that Cirina isn’t Fire Tribe; how long as she been visiting for? I hope she had a nice night with Porcha. (Who’s just doing her priestessly duties, of course).

    1. “(Who’s just doing her priestessly duties, of course).”
      Obviously. ^^

      1. Yes. 😉 It’s hard work being a priestess having to look out for everyone and make sure they are alright in body and spirit.

  3. Again: Yuck!

    1. Really, in pride month, you’re out here dishing out this kind of disgust for a man enjoying another’s man’s company, twice even? Given the open way that erogenians have been with their sexuality, you’re offending the cha, bud. Cut it out.

    2. If you don’t like the comic then why are you reading? The Erogenians have always been portrayed as sexually flexible, so this can’t be a surprise after all this time.
      Plenty of other comics out there if this isn’t for you.

      1. Hmm… not all Erogenians are bi-curious, I think.
        At least, not many amongst them have been shown to mind others having different sexual preferences.

        1. I was thinking hetero-flexible seems to be the general thing for those not bi/pan/omni. 🙂 Like Zona once said: sometimes you just do a favor for a friend. 😉 And we know Boric had the same mentality though he seemed very focused on Tula.

  4. Dawwww!!! Somebody’s learned how to be a grown-up.

  5. What a charmer indeed.

  6. Well, Lentik… you were born thanks to a man AND a woman, you know.

  7. Wow. It takes a special talent at dickery to make Pontagar seem nuanced by comparison.

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