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ARROGOND: It’s … simple.  We can take their greatest weapon from them, use it against them, defeat and subjugate them.     PANEL 2   PONTAGAR: Subjugate?  Why not destroy them?   ARROGOND: Waste of resources!  And a lot more effort than it’s worth, trying to eradicate all of them everywhere.  It would be like getting rid of ants.  This way they can serve us as they were meant to, and when they’re under our control, rather than running wild like they are now, we won’t have to worry about them.  They’ll be more content as slaves, you’ll see.    PANEL 3   PONTAGAR:  Of course you’ve shared this with the Moon queen …   ARROGOND: No.  No, she’d never agree to it.   It involves using the old magick, she doesn’t have the stomach for that.    PONTAGAR:  You mean … Shuach.    ARROGOND: Yes.     PONTAGAR:  Worshipping him.  Again.    PANEL 4 ARROGOND: Well – yes, I suppose it would.  How much different would our lives be?  The ceremonies, the sacrifices would be different, but we’d be better off, if anything. And we would survive, as Erogenians!   PANEL 5 PONTAGAR:  We would have to depose Ipola, and eliminate all the opposition from the other tribes. That would mean … killing them, I suppose.    PANEL 6   ARROGOND: All within our power if we only have the strength and will to do it. Pontagar, don’t you see?  We can make this world work again the way it’s meant to.  We can make Erogenia great again.   
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Greatness – Page 1224

22 thoughts on “Greatness – Page 1224

  1. I wonder how many Fire Tribe warriors got hurt or killed fighting alongside Pontigar against those Urtts that Arrogant wants to spare in a war instigated by the god that he wants to worship.

  2. With that side look, it sure seems like Pontagar is giving Arrogond lots of rope to hang himself.

  3. Yeah, “Make ******a great again!”
    For some reason, I find these words familiar, and worrying. And frightening, in this context.

  4. Arrogond is going all MEGA, I see. All he needs now is a supply of red baseball caps.

  5. Now, now, Simon. Let’s not equate a recent former US president with a name akin to a elephant’s certain body part to Arrogand here. ^^;
    Besides, Erogenians don’t have caps the way we do. And theey don’t even know what baseball is all about, anyway. This would be lost on them.

  6. *they.

    Damn typos. D’oh!

  7. Politics aside, I have to say I love when you have story characters from another world making subtle references to our world’s cultures and politics. It feels a bit like they break the fourth wall when they do that.

  8. Arrogand doesn’t realize that the now is the result of the mistakes of the past.
    Is it intentional that his name almost exactly is “Arrogant” ?

    Sorry to nitpick:
    I think their beards look painted on.

  9. This famous “… great again” has been used many times, in many countries, and in many contexts. Politic aside, This does not bode well for Arrogand, not because of what he said but because of what he wants and the means of it. And WE all know what Shuach wants by the way. I would like to think Pontagar is going to be against his father BUT will he do it openly or secretly and… Is the girl we’ve seen earlier going to be part of something. JED never introduced a character withouth reason soooooooooo.

  10. Personally I’m counting on Pontagar to whip around and kick his old man’s a$$. Maybe I’m too optimistic but I think Pontagar just lured his father into revealing the depths to which he is willing to stoop to get his own way. One can hope anyway…

  11. Funny how killing the Urtts is too much trouble, but killing every other Erogenian isn’t… The bending of logic people do when they want to convince their brains that what their hearts want is a good idea…
    It occurs to me though, that the old Pontagar wouldn’t be as appalled as he currently is… Maybe not inclined to agree, but not as opposed – which is why Arrogond feels so sure he can persuade him (well, part of the reason, the other one is because he is… whatever the word is)!
    I think he is going to pretend to agree and then send a message out with the blond girl…

  12. @Silly Idiot.
    At his age, Arrogand probably used a less-than-optimal dye.
    Dude didn’t use Schwarzkopf, whence the painted-on look.

  13. Yeah, off his rockers. I don’t see Pontagar acting out against him right away, but rather waiting for the right moment. He’s been fighting alongside the other tribes best warriors for months; he’s got respect for them and now Arrogand is telling him they should just kill them if they won’t follow his father’s plan. Before this Pontagar might have just followed his father. Now I find it less likely. Plus he’s already seen some of what Mentl can do; he might not want to make an enemy of him.

  14. Shuach worship? Nope. Not havin it. No question that Pontagar is ‘not havin it’. The question I have is does he immediately just go off and make an immediate gory example, pause long enough to interrogate forcibly first before the execution or play along for a little while first to see how deep the rot is and who else is infected. Then there’s playing along to see who did the sorcery to turn Arrogand into this jerkwad perhaps.
    Interested to see how it plays out.

  15. “Excuse me, healer? We need a new prescription filled again. Arrogand is overdosing on Stupid Pills.

    “Greatness…” Ugh. What a joke. What a pathetic little person Arrogand is.

  16. I don’t think he’s going to go ham on the old man just yet. First off, he knows the resources that his father has access to, and doesn’t want to just cut the head off of the snake to leave the body thrashing around to do untold damage. He’ll (hopefully want to uproot the entire organism (or most of it). He CERTAINLY doesn’t want to tick off Zona or Mentl after having dealt with them personally and has seen some of what they’re capable of, as has been mentioned. But first and foremost, I think, is he has learned to think for himself, and his father hasn’t quite figured that out yet. I think he’s going to use that to play a long game….

  17. Arrogond is obviously a First Class piece of Shit.

  18. Hopefully, he has the time to play the long game against his father.

  19. Also: Arrogand get your mascara/eye liner out of your eye! It doesn’t not belong there. 😛

    1. Well, that was supposed to be ‘does not’. 😛

  20. Erogenia First! Even if that means killing 90% of Erogenia. Whatever it takes.

  21. Just so you know… and maybe this has already been pointed out, but the random button seems to be out of order.

    Sorry to be the bearer (or repeater) of bad news.

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