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TRANSCRIPT   AGLOR: Cousin, I can’t tell you how good it is to have you with us again after all this time.     DARVIK: It feels … a bit strange, I don’t mind telling you.  My children have never been in Erogenia.    PANEL 2   AGLOR: Well … as you know, in my opinion, the Fox Tribe hasn’t really been in what you or I would call Erogenia since my aunt …    DARVIK: Went crazy?     AGLOR: In a word. Yes.       DARVIK: Well, she’s in Summerland now, gone to be reunited with her wits at long last. Poor stupid b-    AGLOR: Darvik  …    DARVIK: Right . Least said about that the better.    AGLOR: Well, we are still all … adjusting.  Most folk are welcoming the change back to normalcy, but some people in high places seemed to benefit from Kurya’s eccentric way of doing things, so I am running into opposition here and there.  And, well … we’re all foxes, aren’t we?   DARVIK: Yes.     AGLOR: Which is why I need you, and I hope you will take a seat on my council.  Please.    

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  1. Good, he is getting the respect he deserves

    1. Indeed – and more. Watch this space!

      Warm regards,

  2. Finally, we see the old fox back with the Fox tribe! And I get the feeling that his sage advice will become an importing turning point in some political and/or military moves in the near future.

    Nice page. The dialog is engaging and the rendering is gorgeous. Though – and only because I care – I would point out a minor quirk: The first speech bubbles on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th panels all begin with “Well…”. It just seems very odd to me. And, if I’m not mistaken, I think this practice is frowned upon in writing.

    1. Thanks for the lovely compliment as well as the constructive critique.

      Warm regards,

    2. Well and good. It’s certainly easy to abuse that word to start off sentences, and I do it far too much in my own written correspondence. I think it is common usage in actual speech, both as a way to buy time for thought (like ums and ahs) and as a way to politely disagree. I think the former is what is discouraged from carrying over into writing, but the latter can be appropriate for setting the tone of the rest of the sentence, and I think that’s how J.D. was using it here. Personally, I found it appropriate in this context.

  3. Wasn’t Darvik’s younger cousin named Aglor, when Morcai almost snuffed it?

    1. This is the guy. He’s the king now.

      Warm regards,

      1. I noticed that. But I thought that, back when Morcai was in this very bad spot, he broke some news to Darvik who spoke about some named Aglor, not Aglar.

        At least, that is how I remember it. I could very well be mistaken.

        1. *sigh*
          If Sir Arthur Conan Doyle had had you lot to find his mistakes, it’s likely he wouldn’t have got Mrs Hudson’s name wrong once, or had Watson’s Afghan war wound move magically from his leg to his arm.

          Yes, you are correct. The original in the long ago page was “Aglor” and so it has been changed to reflect that. This is the guy.

          Many thanks!

          Warm regards,

        2. If mister Conan Doyle had had me to find the mistakes, then… I think he would have had a restraining order on me. 😛

  4. Uh, back to these people. 😀

    Jed, the torcs are missing on Mora and Darvik in panel three and four. And there seems to be rendering problems with Mora in panel four, too. Just so you know. (Thumb and back).

    1. Thanks! Fixed!

      Warm regards,

      1. Nice to see the torcs on. 🙂

        I should point out that Mora’s back still doesn’t line up with her top, and her left arm is just a fleshy blur at the moment, so when you have time there is something to be looked at. (Last panel).

      2. And… (sorry about this, I mean it in the best possible way), but you might want to do something about the braid, torc, collar mess in the last panel as well. Aglor’s braids have suddenly moved inside his collar and are now a part of the torc. XD
        But hey, it took me something like four rereads to notice that one.

  5. What’s the blonde doing with her left hand?

    Because the only thing I can guess at is that she’s got and invisible sword in an equally invisible sheath, and her hand is holding its invisible hilt.

    1. Her hands are together. Perhaps the IBL lighting is not giving us enough shadow to distinguish. Maybe I can tweak that in the next page.
      Warm regards,

  6. My glee rating is off the scale.

    1. 🙂

      Hopefully it will go to 11 or 12 soon.

      Warm regards,

  7. Oh Good! He’s welcome back to the community, and gets to share his wisdom and experience.

    Can someone please remind me how they became so far separated from their tribe? (I don’t mind rereading, but there is a lot to reread, and I am involved with a good book and two other long running comics that need rereads… so much to read, so little brains!)

  8. Darvik fell out with the old queen when she went off the rails and was banished. In his travels he fell in love and married a Kivalian woman in Normos. Shortly thereafter he had an accident that left him unable to walk. His wife died in childbirth, leaving him with Mora.

    His daughter then also, predictably, fell in love with a Kivalian man who himself died a few years ago of cancer.

    So that left them with some money and a house and each other in Normos, and then …

    Well, that’s when the eldest son had his ill-fated assignation with Count Tethik, and the tale goes on from there.

    Warm regards,

    1. Thanks!! I was going to ask… I remember a bit about the Mad Queen but I think my old head can’t keep track of everything.
      Love to see those guys again, although I miss my fav killer and his two lovely friends. Maybe soon?

    2. Thank you!

    3. Thanks for summary. Now about the old queen and off the rails incident…

  9. Today’s strip has a very “EverQuest Classic, Felwithe” feel about it, if you’ll excuse the obscure reference. 🙂

  10. Oh, good, the Old Fox is back, and soon we get to see him in action (as it were). Now, when are Morcai and Thann coming visiting (for different reasons).

  11. Is no one going to comment on the ghostly wallflower? I am assuming the old Fox’s departed wife?

    1. What ghost? You mean the red-blond woman with the red bra, white loincloth, and thigh high boots? I think she’s just a guard to help ensure they can talk undisturbed.

  12. Goshdarnit! I can’t see the comic with this new layout. (It looks great, by the way)

  13. Have you changed the layout?

    Can’t see any comics at normal size, only as thumbnails.
    Clicking on any thumbnail yields a page with the associated transcript for that particular comic, no image, related comics as images, and both the transcript and related comics list have no wraparound nor horizontal scrolling.

    Latest Posts and the pages it links to appear to be unaffected.

    1. Same here, RBZ.

  14. Something’s going wrong. New format for page, and I can’t see the current strip.

  15. So ComicPress is the WordPress theme I’ve been using for quite some time, and now apparently because it’s been abandoned, it seemed to conflict with some new WordPress update and crashed the site. Godaddy Support disabled Comicpress, leaving me scrambling for another theme that works. Well, I found Toocheke that seems to work, and I managed to import all the current content, which is very good. Still needing to configure it to have at least the same features as before, but at least the site works.

    So sorry for the stoopid!

    Warmest regards,


  16. @Lora,
    Thank you for the response. Maybe it is just my eyes, but I thought it looked like the wall was visible through that woman. I must have been mistaken if no one else sees it

  17. @Lora,
    Thank you for the response. Maybe it is just my eyes, but I thought it looked like the wall was visible through that woman. I must have been mistaken if no one else sees it.

  18. WTF? I get 1177, but I can’t get 1178. All I get is text!

  19. WTF? Now my comments don’t post. I can’t get the next page. All I get is text.

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