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Just The Right Size – Page 1188

7 thoughts on “Just The Right Size – Page 1188

  1. Ipola looks so young in the third panel.

  2. I think it should read
    “And I think you’re just the right size for THEM ”
    “And I think THEY’LL just the right size for you. “

    1. @[LurkerAbove]:
      It looks to me like …
      — MAYBE HE’S the right size for THEM, &
      — MAYBE THEY’RE the right size for HIM, but
      — he’s ALWAYS the right size for HIMSELF.
      It sounds like she’s saying that he’s “perfect just the way he already is.”

      1. I’m the right size for me, and you’re the right size for you, also.

        Sometimes, it feels like not everybody knows Fred anymore, since he left to take care of the next big thing. It doesn’t have to be this way. There’s still the whole archive of Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. You could do a marathon of it any time you want.

  3. Awww! Such a sweet page! 😀 And Ipola saying Emmon is just the right size for who he is is such a nice thing to say. Don’t make fun of people be they giant or little.
    Emmon’s in good hands with Keltan and Liri.
    I guess Ipola and the giants will go back to the Moon tribe together now? It certainly does make sense to go together since they have the same destination.

  4. Happy 15th anniversary!

  5. This is very definitely a *very* beautiful day in the neighborhood.

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