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Pontagar’s chamber. 


LENTHIC: Good morning …




LENTHIC:  What?  You look like … I don’t know.  Something on your mind.


PONTAGAR: Oh … nothing important.  I just … did you see Cirina dancing last night?


LENTHIC:  My eyes were on someone else. 


PONTAGAR: Yeah, well … what do you think of her?


LENTHIC:  What, do you think she’s prettier than me or something?


PONTAGAR: Heh -nobody is, Lenthic. I just feel kind of … bad, somehow.  Not sure why. 


LENTHIC: Oh gods, Pontagar, she’s just a woman, not like she was someone we have to care about. She’s not even Fire Tribe.  She’s visiting from the Bear Tribe or Wolf Tribe – something like that.  


PONTAGAR:  I don’t know.  I begin to think that maybe …


LENTHIC: Oh, so she’s in Looooooove with you?  Poor widdo Cirina and her feewings!  And sweet Pontagar is become so caring and – 


PONTAGAR: That’s enough. 


LENTHIC: Aw, don’t be cross, Pontagar.  I’ll make you forget alllll about her …




ARROGOND (OS): Pontagar? Want to talk to you. 


PONTAGAR: It’s early, father – and I’m kind of busy!


ARROGOND: (enters) It’s nearly noon, and you can do your business later.   Boy – leave. 


LENTHIC: (pulling on his pants hurriedly) Yes, your Majesty.  I’ll, uh, see you later, Pontagar.  (leaves)


PONTAGAR: (irritated) That was rude, Father.  Lethic is my friend. 


ARROGOND: Well, let’s talk about friends.  Let’s talk, for instance, about who our friends truly are. 


15 8358

Knock-Knock-Knock! – Page 1219

15 thoughts on “Knock-Knock-Knock! – Page 1219

  1. Third time’s the Charm. Yuck!

    1. I assume your comment is in response to Lenthic being a sexist jerk, rather than the open sexuality of Erogenians, which has been part of the canon since its inception.



      1. No. Just because it’s open doesn’t mean l have to like of accept it.

        1. Understood.

          And also understand that this is my site, my work, and my investment of time and effort. Just because you have an opinion doesn’t mean I have to accept it or publish it here.

    2. I felt it was hot until Lenthic revealed who he is… not so much after that

    3. You don‘t like it, go somewhere else. Nobody here cares for you or your comments.

  2. Hmmm… I think we are about to hear from the possible aftermath of the conversation Arrogand had with an unseen character, right after Pontagar came back.

  3. Well, well, well! The plot thickens!
    And Jed; you’ve got the transcript from last page on this as well. Might want to fix that. 🙂

  4. Btw. didn’t we just see a sunrise last page? It can’t possibly be nearly noon based on that.

    1. Possibly his Dad is not entirely telling the truth about what time it is, thus implying his son is a lazy good-for-nothing that regularly stays in bed until noon? 🙂

    2. Maybe that’s just Arrogand’s “personal” definition of what “nearly noon” is. 😛

  5. I think we will soon see some disagreement about politics between father and son. 😛

  6. In the last page, we see mountain tops that are seeing their first or last direct sunlight for the day. We do not know the height of the mountains behind the camera that are obstructing the light from those mountains, so we don’t know by how much that sunrise was delayed by those mountains. Based on the shape of the light on those mountains, we can tell that there are more mountains behind the camera.

    That said, unless they’re secretly in a cave with a really big overhang, ‘nearly noon’ feels hyperbolic. Halfway through “morning” is probably about as close to noon as it could reasonably be.

    That doesn’t stop some people. I had a scoutmaster who claimed it was nearly noon before sunrise when we were camped on a hill with no geographic obstructions to the sunrise, and the sun had not yet broken over the horizon. To be fair, it had started to get a little light out.

  7. The more we are exposed to Flame Tribe. The less I want to be exposed to them.

  8. Fair enough.

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