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5 thoughts on “Not Again – Page 1180

  1. Well, THAT’s not going to help that poor horse’s twitchiness.

    Oh, yeah, fire from the sky = “bad.” But this time she had just enough warning to get a shield up, and whatever this is just lost the element of surprise. And since Ipola probably has quite a bit of unvented irritation built up, someone is likely about to have a really, REALLY bad day.

    1. First problem is being on that horse. She is likely to get thrown as the animal panics from almost being BBQ’d. Still as long as she doesn’t land wrong she should be able to fight back. We don’t know the strength or numbers of the enemy that has found her though other than the fact it looks like they have at least one dragon.

      1. Dead horse is cover, live horse is a whole mess of panic

  2. At least this time her mount is small enough her shield covers a large percentage

  3. Ah, of course. She is fair game away from the lair, so another dragon shows up to hunt her. After all, the urrts would be more than happy to see her dead despite what Gorshash may have otherwise said about bringing her army against him/them.

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