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  1. Somebody’s been watching “Birth of a Nation” again. Save it for Nuremberg, buster.

  2. The belief, that the only order comes from hierarchy, with them at the top, is deeply rewarded in human hormonal systems.
    The knowledge that order grows from networks of equals, and all the productivity needed for a world, is still scorned today.
    If only this weakness were confined to Arragond.

    1. I think you probably meant to say, “the belief that order only comes from hierarchy”. To be fair, there exist people who are not team players, and it’s difficult to get them to play ball without some hierarchy.

      I’m not sure what portion of people are team players and what aren’t in the world at large. But I do know that the numbers at a glance look like there’s fewer team players, because communication is hard, I’m not the only one who struggles with this, and without communication, teamwork is nigh impossible.

  3. “that the only order comes from hierarchy […]”
    Well, it kind of is the case. What order would we have if, say, other animals were at the top? None.

    “[…]with them at the top”
    While that does not apply to Arrogand’s system

    This is not about equality. This is about equity.
    Not all capacities are equal, yet all dignities ought to be respected a such.

    1. “What order would we have if, say, other animals were at the top? None”
      Really? On what basis do you make that statement? Every animal I can think of has an hierarchical order – a leader of the pack, herd, tribe or whatever. If another animal was at the top we would still have order, just probably not to your liking.

      OTOH, ants don’t seem to have an hierarchy yet they certainly have order. The queen is a breeding machine, not a dictator.

  4. Order. Through complete dictatorship and full-on nature remodelling through destruction.
    Heck, even we would balk at this.

    Arro’ is clearly not seeing his “order” for the fluke it was.

  5. I guess Arrogand would rather his ancestors had continued to live on their knees, rather than have risked dying on their feet.

  6. Wow, he really is a piece of work. Pontagar doesn’t seem so impressed with his father right now and neither am I.

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    1. It’s an incompatibility between my theme and the new version of WordPress. Hopefully I can get it fixed.

      Sorry for the inconvenience!


      1. I was beginning to wonder if everything was alright, and then I remembered to try dropping the secure prefix a couple weeks ago..

  8. @Lora
    I wonder if Pontagar kills his father later on, and not just metaphorically speaking.

  9. If the gods in this universe are real, have power and are able to give their worshipers magic based on this, we have to question why they have not interfered with this “rebellion” of the moon godess and her people and/or given power to their own worshipers.
    Two obvious reasons I see for that:
    1) they are unable, and thus powerless
    2) they have sided with the moon godess because they are of the same opinion or unable to do anything currently.

    An interesting concept of gods in a fantasy series I came across some time ago is that by believing in the gods they first of all start to exist and then gain power, which they the can give to their people/priests. Think of the ramifications if this were true here as well.

    1. I tried to reply to this earlier, but just hit errors.

      Basically, the ‘God’ he refers to without naming is clearly Shauch, and he’s “allowed” this to happen because the moon goddess managed to lock him away from the world in some fashion, presumably with the help of her believers.

      As far as other deities in this world, they seem to either be staying out of this, or on the balance supporting the moon goddess. Considering Shauch’s overall stance, I feel like most deities would be well advised to throw their lot in against Shauch, because if I’m not mistaken, he seemed to not only be rather destructive, but also is a proponent of monotheism, with himself being the one god. As such, he’s kind of already thrown his lot against all other deities, and the only real question is how quickly they recognize it.

      1. We see not the whole picture only a part maybe they fight on other fronts perhaps with different enemies so to speak, as seen on Earth

    2. Very old concept

  10. So he’s a shauch follower

  11. @Lora
    Or Pontagar is impressed, but in a way more akin to rejection and disdain than anything else.
    The prince’s eyes in the first panel spell cold anger and disdain, as if he had just realised his father will now have to be treated as public enemy n°1 and traitor to the fatherland.

    1. And has been suspecting he’d be taking such a stance for long enough to have strategically turned away from his father, towards the fourth wall, so that only we can see this on his face.

      At least, I’m hoping that nobody loyal to his father is able to see his face, because it doesn’t feel like his father’s going to resign from his post gracefully.

  12. I feel like he’s overselling it to his son. His son has been out there, He’s seen the world beyond his boarders. I really hope this backfires on his dad.

  13. @Some Ed
    “because it doesn’t feel like his father’s going to resign from his post gracefully.”

    True, true.

  14. 24/365

  15. Could be, could be. I think this may be the first sign of a rift growing between them. Pontagar has seen what the Urrts can do; he’s been part of the advance party. I’m not sure he’s terrible impressed with his father’s view of the world.

  16. For the longest time you were either a team player or dead. it´s that easy-
    The problem is the Non Team players who don´t accept that not every team players plays to their rules

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