LAEMUL: You’re magnificent, Highness. If I may be so bold, I hope to … touch you.    YANORA: “Touch” me?     LAEMUL: In the heart.  Maybe just a little.    PANEL 2   YANORA: Really.    LAEMUL: Yes, really.    PANEL 3    YANORA: To make of me another of your conquests, I suppose?   LAEMUL: No. I’d be neither your conqueror nor supplicant nor slave.  But something …   YANORA: Hm?   PANEL 4   LAEMUL: Something more honest.  Something friendly, but … passionate.   YANORA: Passionate?   PANEL 5   LAEMUL: Yes.  A passionate friendship.  I desire you, Yanora. But I have no desire to be a slave or a master to you, or involve ourselves in something that is needlessly complex.       PANEL 6   YANORA: How very, very refreshing. If true. 
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Passionate Friendship – Page 1212

3 thoughts on “Passionate Friendship – Page 1212

  1. Hmm… Maybe… “Friends with Benefits Zone”?

    1. Eh, maybe so, indeed.

  2. Well! Aren’t they a pair of clever people!
    Laemul would actually be pretty smart to not sleep with Yanora even if he finds her attractive. As he said it could land him in all sort of trouble (and the dungeon).

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