Past Is Prologue – Page 1215

9 thoughts on “Past Is Prologue – Page 1215

  1. Hot Stuff! He’d be a Fool to turn that away!

  2. Such a charming story! And I assume this means you have safely landed in your new digs.

  3. Friends with benefits is nice.
    Friends you can trust, in a place you can trust no one else’s word, … with benefits, … is a gift from god!

  4. I appreciate the lighting, etc., but for the past few months the only way I can read the comic is via the text underneath.

    Is there any way we can increase the light level a bit, and place all text on a white background? It would really, really help.

    1. I think, perhaps, part of your problem with the test is that the color of the speech balloons is slightly translucent. This means that some of the darker texturing of the artwork underneath shows through, something like random patches. Perhaps if they were a solid color it might help?

      1. I’d guess the speech bubbles are probably 50 per cent translucent right now. Perhaps if they were more opaque the text would be easier to read. (It doesn’t bother me, but I can see how it can be hard to read if they are on top of a busy background).

  5. Say, in that second panel, we see a blazoned shield on the chimney’s mantle.
    That is the modern blason of the French Kingdom. Could it be our good mystic Laemul is from a Kivalian province akin to France?

  6. And suddenly that spell becomes so useful in this exchange…
    Hope your moving went well!

  7. Well, Yanora did say he was a bit of a mischief managed person in his youth. 😉 I think they both got what they wanted out of this; or at least they will very soon.

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