URRT PRIEST MINOR: <They’ve been gone awhile.>    URTT HIGH PRIEST: <Yeah.>   PANEL 2   PANEL 3   URRT PRIEST MINOR: <All I’m saying is, the longer they take, the worse it’s probably going to be.>   URTT HIGH PRIEST: <For who?>   URRT PRIEST MINOR:  <For Gorshash … what if he’s … >   URTT HIGH PRIEST:  <Don’t even say it.  He’s survived things that would leave you a smoking pile of cinders.   >   PANEL 4   URRT PRIEST MINOR: < Oh of course. Of course.   Just … that wasn’t just an ordinary explosion.   It was Erogenian magick – old, powerful stuff.>   URTT HIGH PRIEST: <Yes – it was.>   URRT PRIEST MINOR:  < So if he’s … you know … that means you ->   URTT HIGH PRIEST: <I know, I know.>   URRT PRIEST MINOR: <That would be something, High Priest.  Especially for your friends.>   URTT HIGH PRIEST: <Yes … but I won’t dare think of it – not until I know that Gorshash is – >   PANEL 5   GORSHASH (Off Screen):  <ALIVE!>   PANEL 6 Gorshash enters the chamber triumphantly, burned, missing some teeth, his hair a frazzled gray mess and his robe in tatters.    ON GORSHASH:    GORSHASH: <I live, by the grace of GOD!  Shuach has shielded me, spared my life to be His instrument!  REJOICE, all Urtts! > 
5 148

Scheming Interrupted – Page 1206

5 thoughts on “Scheming Interrupted – Page 1206

  1. Hehe. Two Urtts are liking the possibilities offered if Gorshy had snuffed it. :-3

  2. Ha! I knew it! Gorshash isn’t going to die yet; Shuach likes his hatred too much. Ipola will have to kill him herself when the times come.

  3. Okay some teeth, the hair, but Gorry’s gotta have left something else back there. You know, like a leg. Shuach would get a real kick watching Gorry gimp around with only one leg.

  4. His hair turned white. I’m sure that’s definitely a good and not at all evil sign.

  5. I’m truly unsure as to which issue is going to “massively skeeve-out” the Urtts more…
    …his frizzled, newly-greyed hair…
    …or his eerie, unsettlingly-cheerful face, with its gap-toothed grin.
    ( … I figure “tattered robes” are easily-replaced, & therefore a non-issue … )
    I confess to being a tad surprised to find him with no broken bones.
    My previous impression of “Shuach” was that he liked to play much more roughly with his “toys”.

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