PONTAGAR: What – Look, I know not everybody likes Lenthic, but I do, and –    ARROGAND: Bah – as if I care one way or the other about that one.  Sleep with who you want, it’s not important.  What  I have to say is important.  For you, for me – for the Tribe.  For Erogenia.    PANEL 2   PONTAGAR:  What, then, Father?   PANEL 3   ARROGOND: *Sighhhh*   I … All right, let me try to put it in perspective.   Twenty-eight years ago, I was pushed into agreeing to this alliance under Ipola because the Council itself thought it was our only way to survive.  Maybe it was, then.  I don’t know now.     PANEL 4   PONTAGAR:   Of course it’s not ideal, but it seems to have worked out in the long-   ARROGOND: It did NOT!  It has not!  It was as close to a disaster as possible without us actually losing the war. In the end she let them go! She let them go to their side of the river and –    PONTAGAR: As opposed to  – what?  If I understand, we were depleted – exhausted. Pushing further would have –   PANEL 5   ARROGOND: They were exhausted, too!  We should have … My son.  Do you know what Erogenia once was?   PONTAGAR: I know the stories of Eroghen, Father.  I know of the Empire.  I also know about what they did to the land and –   PANEL 6   ARROGOND:  You know what the Moon Tribe Queen wants you to know!  It’s only part of the truth.
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The Truth? Page 1220

15 thoughts on “The Truth? Page 1220

  1. And here I thought he was listening to an Urrt.
    He has been listening to Shulach.

  2. Someone wants to return to the old ways… that never goes well xD

  3. Isn’t ‘Arrogand’ a little TOO obvious a name? ???

  4. Hmm. This reminds me of something that happened close to home, a few years back.

    Is that a potential Firexit I see near the horizon?

  5. Oh, my. Is it Kor Lachnis who resurrected, went to see Arrogand, and shared some biased story about the past of Erogenia leading to some wrong interpretation?
    I feel like Pontagar is about to make some clear disagreement clearly known to his father.

  6. Ah, do we get to hear a Dolchstoßlegende (Stab-in-the-back myth)?
    – We have been unbeaten in the war
    – Politicians decided over the military
    … and out of it comes a man with a funny mustache to lead them to glory … riiiiight.

    I feel somewhat reminded of my countrys history.

  7. What exactly is his message here? “I wanted to kill them all, but she let them go, so now we will ally with them?” and “You only know what goes around, so listen to me because I never bothered to teach you otherwise?” Kinda contradicting; then again, he doesn’t seem to me like the person to value reason…

  8. I think I can say with a great amount of certainty that I do not like Arrogand.

  9. Btw, there seems to be a connectivity problem with the HTTPS and the RSS, although the HTTP seems to work fine.

  10. ok, so it’s not just me. I can get to this page from fb, but not from my bookmarks. Also if I hit the ‘Home’ button it give this error. ‘Error code: SSL_ERROR_INTERNAL_ERROR_ALERT’

  11. There IS another side to the story. There always is.

    At the same time, it is quite likely that real story of WHY empires have to end up the way they do, and what drove Erogenia’s, is known to NEITHER the Fire Tribe or the Moon Tribe. The Moon Tribe knows that The Way fashioned in the aftermath must be kept, and something of what happened when it was not. The other story so far contrasts life before with the hardscrabble regression post-Empire. It understands some of what has been given up, and knows that with even part of that Empire’s power, the Urrts would not have to live or to threaten them. The seemingly endless blood and pain, and the threat of extinction, would not be necessary.

    Both are true, as far as they go. Both are incomplete. A smarter question toward discernment is: what KIND of incomplete is each story?

    Pontagar will not rely on that, of course. Most people don’t make decisions based on what they think, but how they feel. Pontagar knows the people he fought beside, and what they paid, and will be disinclined to listen to things that may hurt them. Hopefully, that will be enough.

  12. I have been unable to access via phone for several days. I am using a laptop here.
    My phone says secure connection failed. The authenticity of the received data could not be verified. It does not trust your site because its certificate issuer is unknown, the cert is self-signed or the server is not sending the correct intermediate certificates.

  13. I’m having the same issue

  14. Hey there. It seems the address that starts with https is broken, while http works normally.
    Great work as always.

  15. All I see is a traitor that needs to die. The more we see of Fire Tribe, the more I’m disgusted by Fire Tribe.

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