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  1. Panel_4 has got me confused, because there’s no sign of either an Urtt arrow or the arrow’s wound, in Keltan’s right collarbone.
    Is this a continuity-glitch?

    1. You get a No-Prize!

      Yes, that is a continuity glitch. Be not confused. I shall fix it, and many thanks!

  2. Bolt just vanished ?

    1. Keltan pulled it out like you would a thorn. We just didn’t see it for the brevity of storytelling sort of thing.

      Warm regards,

      1. Lucky for Keltan that it came-out as easily as it did.
        If the arrowhead was barbed, it would’ve torn-up more flesh as it was pulled-out.
        If the arrowhead was deliberately designed to detach (& stay festering in the wound), then the easiest way to remove it would’ve been to use the shaft to shove it the REST of the way through, & out the back.
        Either-way not even REMOTELY what I’d call a pleasant thing to deal with!

        1. Shove it all the way through? Oh, my! ^^ 😀

          Seriously, though, not only would that be quite taxing for the wounded, but it will only further the blood loss. But then, it might be the only thing to do, when you don’t have even crude surgery instruments. :-S

        2. @[Reservist]:
          Exactly so, which is why I was so relieved to see that it wasn’t necessary!
          It takes a very special kind of sadism to design an arrowhead that way, & I’m very glad to see that the Urtts are **NOT** clever-enough to sink that low, so let’s all hope that the Esteemed_Author won’t be giving them any ideas!
          ( … “DMC_Run” attempts to flex an intimidating eyebrow at “JEDraft” … )
          #Just_Kidding_Please_Don’t_Hurt_Me … 😉 … 😛 … 🙂

  3. Er, yeah, she’s got a broken back or something, doesn’t she:

    1. More like a broken leg. Possibly badly broken, at that.

  4. I’m having difficulty with seeing this on mobile.
    Too big for the screen

  5. Minor niggle: where did the crossbow bolt go? Did it only get skin deep and then fall out?

    1. See my answer to Lurker Above.
      Warm regards,

  6. I love this page, the Dragon’s reaction reminds me so much of a friend’s rescue-dog.

    But there is something not quite right on the mainpage ( ) yields me an error. Is it just me? (IE, I will just ignore it)

    Things Are Looking Up – Page 1185
    Posted on July 11, 2020 by jedraft

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  7. I see it too.

  8. Oh, yes, don’t forget about your visitor (whose horse seems to have died when falling over considering it has not yet gotten back up and possibly trampled Ipola).
    A double break in her right leg should be quite nasty, but hopefully she can heal herself like Tula did once she is in a safe place.

  9. The giants are my all time favourite sub plot! I can’t wait to hear what Emmon has to say.

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