YANORA: What – what was that?! What did you do?!   LAEMUL: Be easy. Highness.  Yes, it was a spell.  But you are obviously gifted enough to detect any ill intent in it, and I assure you there was none.     YANORA: It … seems not.    PANEL 2   LAEMUL: Only this: Whatever I tell you, while the spell lasts, you will instantly know if it is a truth or a falsehood. You can see inside me just that much.  It matters nothing what you desire or what I desire, the truth in my words will be revealed to you, pleasant or unpleasant.    PANEL 3   YANORA: Yes … That’s a very … potent little spell, Laemul.  It requires you to trust me – more than I might deserve.   LAEMUL: Perhaps – but you see it goes both ways.   YANORA: Not sure I like that.   PANEL 4   LAEMUL: I can cancel it at a word, Highness, and you will know.  But how nice wouldn’t it be for both of us to have at least one person here in this court that we can rely on for simple personal honesty.  Test it any way that will satisfy you.  It does not compel you to speak truth, or control anything.  It just removes all falsity between us two.    PANEL 5   YANORA: Very well.  Tell me something then, Master Laemul.  Try to lie to me.    LAEMUL: Yanora.  I’m very sorry about all this back and forth tonight – I do not desire you in the least.  In fact, this entire unfortunate interchange has left me in a state of dread for my position.   Please leave me, and let us say no more of it, ever.    YANORA:  Ah-hah.    PANEL 6   LAEMUL: I’m actually filled with remorse about Astria – I think I must find a way to gain her favor again.   Yanora laughs out loud.   
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Truth and Beauty – Page 1214

8 thoughts on “Truth and Beauty – Page 1214

  1. What a weird man Laemul is… I really like these two! Something tells me that they never did cancel this spell…

  2. That’s rather wonderful!

  3. King: “Tell my wife that this war I have settled upon is a good idea”.
    Laemul: “I can never lie to my queen, my lord. I mean, I can; she finds it hilarious when I try.”

    I wonder if this paved the way for the rather cordial relations she has with the Erogenian peoples.

  4. Laying it on a bit thick, isn’t he? 😛 Well, it does seem to amuse Yanora.

    1. Now you have me wondering…
      …what if “uncontrollable laughter” turns-out to be a side-effect of hearing a lie from each other?

      1. I imagine it’s like hearing someone speak very, very sarcastically and where you know every word they say are sarcastic, but no one else catches on. That can be quite amusing.

    2. Well, she DID command him to lie…
      Apparently, he’s willing to put 100% of all he is in order to fulfill her command. And “We are amused.”

  5. I love this dynamic so much, I can’t even tell you.

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