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8 thoughts on “Well, that’s convenient … Page 1181

  1. This kind of dragon looks different…
    Also, confused 😉

  2. Looks like my concerns from page earlier have come true. Horse panics and falls over breaking 2 bones, probably both legs of Ipola. She seems to be in a bit of trouble. I’m hoping the giant’s rush causes the dragon to pause long enough for the giant to close the distance and use that club otherwise we may see BBQ giant.

    1. He should have brought a sling. But then, where to find rocks big enough? And, anyway, how could he have foreseen this kind of encounter?

      On another note, the dragon looks like he didn’t quite expect a giant-sized human to barge at him yelling.

  3. Props to our host, I don’t think you will EVER see a more literal example of the “Big Damn Heroes” trope.

  4. Ouch! Leg broken in two places; that’s going to take some time to heal.
    But I’m looking forward to seeing a dragon vs. giant fight! 😀 And I’m so happy to see Keltan and Liri again!

    1. I definitely think the dragon is surprised. I imagine it isn’t used to anyone yelling and running at it, especially a giant man wearing nothing but a loincloth. Hopefully that surprise will last long enough for Keltan to get close enough to use that club he is carrying.

  5. S*** S*** S*** Need to reload! Did not see the other one…

  6. @jedraft for some reason the comments on the next page are broken for me. in place where I would expext them, this line is repeated twice.

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    This theme doesn’t play particularly well with my cell phone browser either hopefully this posts.

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