You Wouldn’t Like Him When He’s Angry … Page 1182

13 thoughts on “You Wouldn’t Like Him When He’s Angry … Page 1182

  1. I am laughing very hard at the last panel, because that is what I thought when I saw panel 3. I think that dragon is about to get a bop on the snout with a roled up club!

  2. Ha! Pissed off giant! This fight is going to be epic! 😀

  3. Urtt cooking is a little lacking in spice department.

  4. Near asbestos skin on humanoids is something that Dragons may not have encountered, but it won’t count as an encounter if neither dragon nor rider survives. At that size of Keltan, the skin has to have a different structure anyway, but the Urt may not appreciate that. Speaking of skin, I note that the Urt’s method of prompting the dragon for a fire blast is to prick him with the nasty looking dragon prod’s “wing”, drawing blood, while saying “Prafa”. Perhaps that means “strike”, or “fire” in Urtannach speech. Still, a relationship that involves drawing blood like that seems more coercive than Kor Lachnis explained it would be when we met the dragons. Not odd for Urts, but by KL’s words, more than dragons would stand for.

  5. Bart: I better go check out this Mongo character. [Bart reaches for gun belt.]
    Jim: Oh no, don’t do that.
    Bart: Why not?
    Jim: If you shoot him, you’ll just make him mad.

  6. “Keltan… SMAAASH!!”

  7. Wow! Fireproof Hair! I need to know what shampoo he uses!

  8. I’m just picturing the last panel of the next page: Dragon flying off with it’s tail between it’s legs, yipping.

  9. (Eyes turn green) PWHEEEEENNN!!! Dum, DUM, DUMMM! DUUUMMMMMMMM!!!

    Hulk Keltan: “GWARRGHHH!””

    1. Gorshash: “I have an army”
      Ipola: “We have Keltan”

      1. Keltan smash!

  10. And now I’m going to hurt you back

  11. If not even dragonfire can stop a giant, does this mean you need to drop them into Mt Doom?

    Or, better yet, just fly away very quickly.

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