Royal Family

    Erogenia is a mountainous country to the far east of the Palotin Kingdoms on the Panjiiatic continent, bordered on the west by the desert kingdom of Sandak, on the south by the nation-states of Kivalia, on the east by the Urtt territories, and on the north by the wilderness of Lendor.  

    The Erogenians are a proud and warlike people existing in tribal nations loosely bound by a feudal system which centers on the Moon tribe's reigning queen, Ipola.  Up until twenty years ago, the Erogenian tribesfolk were fragmented and quarrelsome, fighting endless petty wars among themselves for personal, political and territorial gain, or simply to indulge their own love of breaking heads, which is considerable.  

    As a young princess of her own tribe, Ipola began a campaign to unite Erogenia for the common good.  The situation at that time was extremely perilous for the common folk, who were prey to all manner of invaders and bandits.  From the south came Kivalian raiders, and from the west the Sandakar slavers, taking advantage of the fractured tribes, often with tragic effects.  The Urtts, inhuman monsters, would capture humans to herd as food beasts, often with impunity, as no tribe by itself could raise an army large enough to challenge them in their own lands.  
    Ipola, through shrewd and daring military, political, and (with the help of the Priestesses of the Moon,) magical means, acquired oaths of fealty from one tribe after another, until at last her power had grown to the point where she drove the Urtts from Erogenia across the River Yurit, where their territory now lies.  These were glorious days, when the queen proved herself a bold and cunning general, defeating the forces of the Sandakar and meting out terrible vengeance, so that no slavers have raided Erogenian villages for over twelve years.  Ipola and her ministers have wrung important trade agreements and territorial concessions from the Kivalians, whose more "civilized" nation-states now coexist in fragile mutual respect with the "barbarians" to the north.  

    Because of the proud and fiercely tribal nature of the Erogenians, Ipola was able at first only to extract an oath for the space of one year from each tribe's king or queen.  At the end of that year, Ipola had so distinguished herself with deeds that the tribes unanimously pledged themselves again for one more year.  As their prosperity and prestige grew, the Erogenians largely seemed to recognize a good thing when they had it, and agreed to a yearly ritual pledge on the night of the full moon in the month of Ulmak, at Moonhenge in the Valley of the Moon, one of the two holiest places in all of Erogenian spiritual life.  The pledge is generally only a formality, but the law allows any king or queen to challenge the pledge, and Ipola or her champion must answer the challenge or forfeit the right to lead the tribes of Erogenia.  

    Since that time, only once has the challenge been given, and that was by the ambitious King Arrogand of the Fire Tribe.  Ipola's eldest daughter Zona answered the challenge and defeated Arrogand's son Pontagar, putting an end to Arrogand's plans to supplant Ipola as leader of the Erogenian tribes, and firmly consolidating the Moon Queen's leadership once again.

Erogenia Map


    There are ten tribes, each of which consists of various small farms, towns and villages protected and ruled by a king or queen.  They each have as their symbol and tribal totem an animal or force of nature.  These are:

The Moon Tribe

    This is the tribe ruled by Queen Ipola.  The queen has constructed a great fortress to consolidate her position, with a tower of stone -- an oddity amongst a people who build almost exclusively in wood.  Ipola is much beloved and respected among her people as the bringer of safety and prosperity, and they look forward to many more years of her rule, as she is still a relatively young queen -- and available, too, I might add.  (She's only 39 and a babe!)

    There are fifteen villages in the territory of the Moon Tribe, most of which are along the River Nerit, and fishing is the way many earn their living.  Gold also flows down plentifully out of the mountains, and the Moon Tribe, the Fox Tribe and the Bear Tribe all prosper directly from the practice of panning for the precious metal.  

    Population: 5000 men and women, of the which, 2700 are capable of bearing arms, The rest being children under the age of seventeen or the old and infirm.  Of the entire population, however, only 1000 or so are of the warrior class.  The rest are fishers, farmers, craftsmen and artisans.  Erogenians have a high reputation for excellent metal work, and the Moon Tribe boasts many fine smiths in all the precious and workable metals.

The Fire Tribe

    This is the tribe ruled by King Arrogand.  He is a proud and chauvinistic sort, being in the minority of Erogenians who believe that women are inherently inferior to men, and therefore unsuited for warfare or the crown.  He has launched a number of underhanded plots to wrest the control of the Erogenian Tribes from Ipola, all unsuccessful so far.  His men are permitted to dominate their women, who have no voice in council and are allowed to own no property of their own larger than a brooch.  Why they don't just leave, I couldn't tell you.  Low self-esteem, I guess.  It's a classic case of codependency on a grand scale.

    There are twelve villages in the territory of the Fire Tribe, most of which are forest dwellings surrounded by a thick palisade to ward off the many wild beasts which inhabit the land.  The Fire Tribe deals chiefly in furs and iron from iron mines dug into the eastern slopes of the Mountains of Lendor.

    Population: 4000 men and women, but since women are not allowed to wield weapons, the force of arms-bearing folk is only about 1200, with 450 being members of the warrior class.
    Fire warriors tend to be brash, boastful and arrogant as a rule, and are not popular with most of the other tribes, rarely getting invited to parties as they tend to get drunk and obnoxious and when the fighting starts (as it quite often does at Erogenian parties) they will take it all too seriously and sometimes will even hold a grudge if they are too badly beaten up. (Especially if they get their ass kicked by a woman, as frequently happens.)  They're a little bit too competitive for most Erogenians' taste, not to mention that they consider honor a thing reserved for dealings with men  - and only Erogenian men  (well, be honest: Only Fire Tribe men) exclusively.

The Wolf Tribe

    This is a fairly typical Erogenian tribe of 15 villages, ruled by one of Ipola's greatest friends and supporters, King Uthic.  Uthic is no longer a young man, which was in Ipola's favor when she began to unite the tribes, as he had become weary of endless intertribal warfare and senseless violence.  He's also one of the horniest old bastards in Erogenia, which was also in her favor.  She found him to be a delightful conversationalist, and a long, slow, delicious lover on the night he agreed to give her his tribe's loyalty.  Their friendship is still very warm, although their liaisons are more and more infrequent as the old wolf's health is failing.  Uthic is the father of Tula, the queen's younger daughter.  The king's first wife, Morga, gave him Ulla, his older daughter, who will inherit the crown.

    The Wolf Tribe controls gold, tin and copper mines.  They supply most of the bronze and brass for jewelry and armor to the nine tribes west of the Urtt River, as well as to the Kivalians.

    Population:  7000, with 3000 capable of bearing arms at need.  The warrior class is only about 800 men and women, as the Wolf tribe does not emphasize warfare as strenuously as many others.  In the Wolf tribe, as is common throughout Erogenian society, any can be a warrior or not, as their natural inclinations dictate, and no shame is put on them.  It's simply no big deal what somebody wants to do with their life!  And so there are many fishers, miners, farmers, artists, craftsmen and some of the shrewdest and most cunning traders on the map in the Wolf Tribe.

    Wolf warriors practice pack hunting and group support with deadly effect.

The Lion Tribe

    The Lion Tribe is a small tribe on the Telu River in southwest Erogenia.  They are only five villages strong, and most of their livelihood comes from the river and trade in bone and earthenware goods as the clay along the banks of the Telu is exceptionally fine and well suited to fine workmanship which the artisans of the Lion Tribe excel at.  Their ruler is Queen Ona, who has only recently ascended on the death of her mother, Queen Nassa.  Ona is extremely young, as her mother's death came in a hunting accident.  Ona is only fifteen, and ably advised by her aunt, the Lady Lithis, sister to Ona's father, Prince Caber, who is also her advisor and leading general.  

    Population: 1250, with 700 able to bear arms at need.  Of warrior class, there are less than one hundred all told, though these are among the largest and fiercest of all the Erogenian warriors.  (Who tend to be extremely large and fierce, already)  The princess Zona's father Zonn was a member of the Lion Tribe, making the royal houses of the Moon and Lion close cousins.  

    Lion Tribe men tend to be between six and a half and seven feet tall, and the women only slightly smaller.  It is not uncommon, therefore, to see a six or six and a half foot Lion woman trashing a Fire Tribe warrior and grinning from ear to ear.  (You get the idea that the Fire Tribe is sort of the red necks of this particular venue?  phew!)  Among the Lion Tribe the hunters and foresters tend to be women, working usually in groups of three or more.  The male warriors are frequently wanderers and nomads, who in times of peace at home will sell their services to other Erogenian tribes or to Kivalian city-states.  Of course, all bets are off if they are called back to home.

The Hawk Tribe

    This tribe's territory encompasses the valley at the headwaters of the Fuln River in central Erogenia, as well as the peaks of the Mountains of Morning nearby.  There are ten villages in all, mostly farming towns in the valley, but a couple of mountain villages form the core of their copper and silver mining interests.  

    The Hawk Tribe is ruled by a wise young king named Theredic.  He is advised by his shaman, Guntig of the North Wind.  The Hawk Tribe was one of Ipola's hard sells during the time of Theredic's mother, Vessa.  The Hawk Tribe place tremendous value on the spiritual aspects of life, as seen through their religion and their totem, the hawk.  It is considered a necessary rite of adulthood to go on a spirit flight at the age of seventeen.  The Hawk Tribe' shamans have equal footing with priests and priestesses of the sun and moon, and it sometimes happens that one person may be both, as the disciplines do not contradict, but rather reinforce the power of each.  Therefore, the Hawk Tribe is the home of the most powerful mages in the Erogenian tribes, and their status is high, indeed.  They, it is said, (and it's true, too, because I'm creating this and I know) have mastered the art of shapeshifting at will, and turn themselves into hawks for their spirit quests, or to spy on enemies or, just for grins, to watch the girls (or boys) taking a bath in the stream buck naked.  Even a shaman has to have a little fun now and again.

    Population: 2500, with 1500 able to bear arms at need, as well as a warrior class of 450 individuals.  Theredic is only twenty years old, and has known no other way all his life but his fealty to Ipola.  Even so, Guntig of the North Wind is a power to be reckoned with, and Ipola realizes that if the Erogenian Unity falls away from spiritual purity of intent she will lose his support.  And, if occasionally this strange hawk perches on a tree nearby to stare at her while she's taking a bath, she knows enough to take her time drying off.

The Bear Tribe
    The Bear Tribe consists of thirteen villages in the central valley south of the Hawk Tribe.  Better than half of their people make their living fishing on Bear Lake, the others live in villages along the River Fuln or on small farms throughout their valley territory.  The Bear Tribe is ruled by Queen Uroc, a old matriarch of great stature and once a ferocious warrior.  Confined to her chair now, Uroc is still canny and far-sighted.  It was she who instigated the extremely profitable trade agreements with most of the Kivalian cities which have led to much of the increased prosperity of the Erogenian people and the Bear Tribe in particular.  In Normos or Mimos, the Kivalian cities nearest to Erogenia, when one sees a barbarian, it is most likely a member of the Bear Tribe.  The Bear foresters have a regular income from providing guides to traders and travelers to the other territories as well as to the northern wilderness.  
    The Bear Tribe is the only tribe to manufacture items of art and craft specifically for export, as well as the first and only tribe to encourage what, for want of a better word, may be called tourism.  Civilized folk in great numbers appear to enjoy watching the Erogenians being Erogenian.  And since they only occasionally get themselves killed by monsters or the Erogenians themselves, they pay handsomely for the experience.  Also, there are many who come to try to either mine gold illegally or wangle the Bear Tribe's gold from it in some unscrupulous fashion.  Those ones, unfortunately, usually don't see hearth and home again.

    Population: 3500, with 1500 able to bear arms at need.  Of the warrior class there are about 560 or so, though frequently foresters and hunters will pass themselves off to the tourists as warriors for laughs and the odd silver penny.  Bear Tribe people have developed a real taste for silver, and it's not always a good thing.

The Fox Tribe

    This seven village tribe is near neighbor to the Bear Tribe, with the hall of Queen Kurya, the aged ruler of this tribe on the eastern banks of Bear Lake.  Kurya has become slightly mad in her dotage, which may soon lead to her being removed from power by her people.  In the meantime, her influence has led to the Fox Tribe being uniquely segregated, at least in Kurya's hall and village.  Kurya prefers girls, it seems, and wishes to be surrounded exclusively by girls and women.  So the old dyke has forbidden men in her presence or in the castle, with the result that the strongest and most desirable women in all of the tribe now populate her village and her hall, with men being positively forbidden there.  

    All male emissaries from other tribes as well as from Kivalia must meet with Kurya's chief enforcer and champion Arelle or the queen's shaman, Nochya, in another village.  Naturally, though there's a lot of girl-girl action that goes on in the village, the ladies always manage either to get out or smuggle in a guy to keep them happy, and Arelle can usually be counted on to look the other way, though Nochya and others will put any man found in the village in a chastity belt, and any man found in the hall itself is castrated.  So, you have to ask yourself -- is it worth it?

    The Fox Tribe is small but prosperous, with a small fleet of fishing boats from the two villages on the shores of Bear Lake.  They also have a thriving charcoal-burning business, as well as several remarkably rich lodes of gold which have paid for much of Kurya's eccentricities, among them nude mud-wrestling and elaborate lesbian entertainments of an extremely tasteless and crudely biological nature.  (Betcha want some pictures of that, huh?)

The Bull Tribe

    In Southeastern Erogenia, the Bull Tribe is bordered on the east by the River Uritt, and the fishing villages that make their living from that river have suffered much over the years from the depredations of the urtts, and King Tor is hard put, even now, to protect his people.  So much so that a curious kind of sexism developed among the Bull Tribe where, for nearly thirty years, women have not been permitted to become warriors due to the extraordinarily disgusting fate of those females captured by the urtts.  Therefore, though they may work, own property or even sit on council with men, they may not fight.  Tor, like a very bull himself, is adamant in this, and will not change his mind.  Although a good man at heart, he has come to be slightly contemptuous of what he considers to be the weakness of women in general, which does not always set well with female ambassadors from other tribes.  

    The Bull Tribe are fishers and herdsmen, grazing a giant species of aurochs on the slopes of the Silver Peaks to their west.  Their chief wealth comes from their herds, and from the silver that is mined in the mountains.  The Bull Tribe worships the bull totem, and their chief sport is bull leaping, where young nobles of both sexes leap and swing on, around and over specially bred aurochs during the festivals of the solstice and equinox.  

    Population: 2500, with 1000 fit to bear arms at need.  The warrior class is exclusively male, and numbers only 500.

The Snake Tribe

    This tribe is unique among the Erogenian tribes in that they consist almost exclusively of Erogenians who were freed by Ipola's army after generations of subjugation by the urtts.  There is even the occasional urttish-looking child born to Snake Tribe parents, which were at first destroyed, though some of the more human ones were permitted to live and interbreed.  Therefore, the Snake Tribe is sometimes the subject of subtle prejudice by other Erogenians, who regard them as "impure" or "sullied" in some way.  In truth, the Snake people are the bravest and most loyal adherents to Ipola's unity, as they feel, quite rightly, that they owe their freedom and their lives to her actions of fifteen years ago.  Snake warriors of both sexes are extraordinarily skilled and pitiless in battle.  They exhibit an almost reptilian quickness, a lack of hesitation and a frightening efficiency when killing.  It is the influence of their bondage and their serpentine totem that sets them apart.  The Snake character also seems to consider things more carefully and cooly than the average Erogenian, taking a more logical and less headstrong approach to life.

    This is not to say that they are passionless.  They're just a little less apt to charge headlong into a den of fifteen snarling cave bears with nothing but a pen knife and a Gee-string.  They may grab a shield and a condom before jumping in.

    The Snake Tribe is also unique in that they have a reigning king and a queen.  King Olssnic and Queen Sulima have taken the Golden Path and are Lovebonded marrieds who share everything, including their rule.  Olssnic and Sulima are first cousins who were in love during their time among the urtts.  They were constantly apart, and Olssnic had just reached the age of seventeen and was about to be slaughtered when Ipola's army liberated their camp.  Olssnic and Sulima, in their joy, opted for the ultimate Lovebonding, so that they would never be apart, or made to have sex with another against their will.  This reaction on the part of the released captives was common, and their tribe has a much higher percentage of Golden Path marrieds than elsewhere in Erogenia.

    The Snake People were bred for several things while among the urtts.  They tend to be a bit fleshier than your average Erogenian, because the urtts liked bigger steaks.  And the females were bred to be milked.  Thus, the natural mammosity of Erogenian women is even more exaggerated in the Snake Tribe.  These girls have got hooters you wouldn't believe, though the reason for it is kind of revolting.  Also, their hair tends to grow extremely fast, fine and long, as it was regularly sheared for cloth items.

    The Snake people use these painfully bestowed gifts to their advantage, and in addition to fine linen items which they weave from flax which they grow in their fields, they also make thread and weave cloth from their own fine hair -- though they never shear it to the scalp, as was done in their days of captivity.  

    The Snake Tribe are mostly grain and fruit farmers.  Though poor by present Erogenian standards, they consider themselves extremely well off.  They also have a cultural aversion to keeping beasts of any kind, and no member of the tribe, not even a warrior on a mission, will willingly ride a horse.  They are strict vegetarians.  

    Population: 2200, with 900 able to bear arms at need.  Though there is no ban on women warriors, they are in the minority among the warrior class, as there is a limit even to how well an Erogenian can move with such huge tits.  The warrior class numbers about 275.

The Sun Tribe

    Over twenty years ago, when Ipola was first beginning her campaign, she met a young wanderer from the Lion Tribe named Zonn.  Zonn was a huge, bluff, blond warrior with a quick, earthy wit and a beautiful smile that caused the young princess' heart to quicken every time he was near.  He stayed with her for many months as friend, lover and bodyguard, through much of the turbulent early days of her rule as the Moon Tribe's queen.  On a foray deep into the urtt territory, they were attacked by a greater force of urtts and Zonn, along with a number of other Erogenians, was separated from the main host and lost to Ipola.

    It was from this union that Zona, the queen's eldest daughter, was born, never to truly know her father.  In an exception to custom, (She's the queen, after all) Ipola elected to keep her daughter and raise her after Zonn was lost.  Lost, that is, yet not dead.  For when he found he could not return west, Zonn regrouped what was left of his shattered warriors and struck out east, over the eastern mountain range and past the woodlands of the urtts, intending to strike south and eventually circle back, avoiding the urtt territory altogether.  When he came down onto the plains of Ka-Ba-Ker, Zonn's people found a pleasant land by the shores of a beautiful water they named the Lake of the Sun.  Here they rested to recover from their ordeal and the difficult crossing of the mountains.  

    Ever restless, Zonn set out one day alone to explore.  As the sun reached midday, he came upon a hill, upon which was a great henge made of granite.  He cautiously approached, walking into the center of the standing stones just as the sun was overhead.  It was then that the spirit of the Sun spoke to him, saying that here was his new home, and that he was to be the lord, king and protector of the new tribe, the Sun Tribe.  That his wandering was through, and that there was no need for him to return to the other nine tribes, as someday they, through his own flesh, would return to him.  Zonn settled then, and began with his small group to tend the ancient and mysterious henge and build a village on the banks of the lake.  I mean, hey, when the gods speak, we're supposed to listen, y'know?

    The original survivors numbered just twenty-five women and twenty two men from various tribes.  In the twenty years or so of their exile, their numbers have grown to about a hundred and fifty, with a hundred of that number able to bear weapons and fight at need.  The Sun Tribe has the distinction of being the only one of the ten tribes that has a warrior class that also functions as shaman, and there are about thirty of those of various levels of ability, with Zonn being the most powerful warrior, though his magic is not his strong point and is generally limited to visions and dream walking, as he still has the occasional chit-chat with the Sun.  The Sun Tribe lives by fishing and farming, and is nearly self-sufficient.  There is one smith in the village who makes the weapons, tools and armor from metals that are obtained by trade with the Kivalian city of Greymouth, far to the south.  None of the Sun Tribe has returned to the other tribes, who still have no real clue to their existence.  They believe the prophecy that one of Zonn's flesh (And just guess who that might be?) will come to them, and they don't want to screw it up, so they are just patiently waiting for it to happen.  Any time, now, princess.  Any time.  She-e-e-e's thinking about it ...