Still Working On It

Basically I have had to Trash the entire site – though I naturally have all the content saved in numerous backups, never fear.

Still, it has not turned out to be an easy fix, and so will take extra time.

The up side is that this will allow me to make fixes and upgrades to the site which I had been putting off, and should allow a much more enjoyable experience!


Warmest regards,





7 thoughts on “Still Working On It

  1. So glad you are back, love the story.

  2. So… what exactly happened? I can see text titles have changed from yellow to red, but what happened to the site? Attack?

  3. The domain itself was dropped temporarily, and somehow that bunged up the Worpress config irrevocably, despite the fact that nothing had been changed or lost.

    I opted to go to a managed wordpress site, and I am still loading everything up and the new config is still in process.

    I needed this like a loch in kop.

    But in the end it should be a better site with fewer headaches.



  4. Wow. Good luck. I love checking in and am sorry you need to deal with this.

  5. At least the new background image is spiffy. Crossed sword and axe over a triskelion? Brilliant!

  6. I’m loving the background tile, but do you think it would be possible to extend a solid background just beyond the horizontal borders of the page/comment area? Maybe a little solid window behind the calendar and comment panes? The text is a bit hard to read where it overlaps (especially when I’m enacting my morning ritual of reading my handful of beloved webcomics while still bleary-eyed and mid-coffee).

  7. I know Zona slipped into the 2nd 100 lately but I miss the TWC vote button.

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