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Hi Kids.

I told you all a bit ago that there was an announcement, and indeed there is.

See, here’s my idea.  I have been doing a web comic for over 11 years now, and I have accumulated a story and characters and a whole world – as well as you, my friends and readers.  It’s very rewarding and I will not be giving it up at all.

In fact, we’re gonna take it to the next level.  I will be using my Patreon account with a fundraising goal of ten thousand dollars to hire animators to translate Zona, Mentl and all of Erogenia into an animated short.  This will be the launching point for getting backers and making a regular ongoing series of sexy, fun, entertaining fantasy all based on the Challenges Of Zona.

So I am putting this out – please help.  Give as little as a dollar a month.  Skip the coke machine once or twice – water’s better for you anyway.  If you give more, you get more.  More stuff, more rewards!  It’s all on the page which is now LIVE!




And when we get to the goal, you my patrons will share in the glory that is a fully realized Zona and her adventures!


Check out my video:


So give a dollar, give as much as you can! You will not be sorry!


Warmest regards,





5 thoughts on “We Are Live At Patreon

  1. Oh sweet heavenly goobis, yes! Make sure to try to fit in an end sequence with a musical number from Mentl (and Zona on drums, since her sister seems more of a bass player than her, singing kitties optional). XD

    Also, and sincerely, good luck. As an ex-animation student, I can tell you that a full animation is neither quick nor cheap.

  2. Awesome! I’m in.

  3. Tried to sign up for Patreon at the $5 a month slot. All went well until the anti-robot crap software hit me with about sixteen pages of poor images. Finally just tossed out the sign-up with the trash and sulked.

    1. Steelburner, I am so sorry for your experience. Tested it recently (gave my sweetie an account) and it went through pretty smoothly. Please try again, and if you have problems email me @ [email protected] and I’ll make it right personally.

      Warm regards,


  4. Smacks of the thre (four) kindreds of elves in Midkemnia, in the Riftwar Saga.
    The Nissim would be the Eledhel while the Urts woul be the power-crazed ones – Moredhel.

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