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  TETHIK: Well, at least he didn’t kill you, fellow.  Dammit! Fool, I should have - (sees a note with the ring on top of it) “THANN: My Lord Tethik,   Sorry to disappoint you, but now that Mommy’s not holding my hand, I decided I didn’t want to wait around for you to try to kill me.   Trust me, it wouldn’t have ended well for you, and while I know we’re not friends, I don’t like killing people for free if I can help it.  Do yourself a favor and don’t try to find me.
  • Thann”
TETHIK: Bastard.

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  1. If it weren’t for the fact that Tethik has an important job to do that requires him to stay put, I have no doubt that he’d go after Thann despite his friendly advice. There certainly will be words between him and Ipola the next time they speak.

    1. That’s pretty certain. My first idea about it was that he’d use the ring to yell at her, but on second thoughts panel 4 tells me he’s considered and rejected, likely because this magic is not for venting his frustration on Ipola.

  2. So how did he get the ring off? I can’t see him losing a finger over it. of course it was the ring finger.

    1. My interpretation of “Mommy’s not holding my hand” is that Ipola dispelled the part of the magic that prevented Thann from taking off the ring. I’m not sure whether she informed him or if he tried to take it off (likely not for the first time since he met Tethik) and it worked this time.

  3. Just a quick note, the transcript has a different word for the last word in the first bubble. The transcript should say “lad” not “fellow”.

    I’m guessing this was a change made close to the end of production and I agree that ‘lad’ works much better than ‘fellow’.

  4. I can picture Thann crouching in the darkest corner of the tent and muttering, “Yeah, Ipola’s explained that already.” He might even add “Try to follow” now that he’s witnessed the sharpness of Yanora’s wit.

    More seriously, this page is superbly done: it shows, behind the remnants of the lad’s misdirected anger (“Mommy [not] holding my hand”, really), the decent man that Ipola perceived. He didn’t kill Baranir (which would probably have been easier, so points for him, plus I like the kid), he very underhandedly acknowledges that Tethik might very well have killed him (if nothing else, by dying at his hands and having him executed), and he hints at eventual peace.

    Now I want to see him team up with Morcai and the girls in a secret, dangerous, but FUN (for them) mission. Tethik might even have the means to start this.

    1. Leaving a dead body behind him might have been easier for Thann to do, but it would also have been a very bad decision.
      Tethik was already itching for revenge at Thann killing that young Erogenian whose name I cannot remember at the moment, and barely managed to hold his desire to fight in check.

      But killing another person not involved – in Baranir’s case, no involved in any way – in their business would have made Tethik really, really eager to find Thann.

      I think.

      1. Good point, sibling. Not to mention that now Gudik would send people to look for him.

        Then again, I think Thann is already used to avoiding the long arm of the law, not to mention killing people (he didn’t really try to spare Boric if nothing else). And he already has to make himself extra stealthy because Ipola has made him renege on his latest contract ( ). So, while I for one fully agree with the strategic thinking, I’m not entirely sure Thann shares it.

  5. And the stage is set for Thann to accidentally bump into Daddy Dearest.

  6. Tethik has more than one card in his hand. I just hope he will see to the job he had to do now, and not go after Thann himself.
    On the other hand, I suppose he will contact Ipola now. Wonder if Zonn or Zona will get involved in this… I still don’t appreciate much Zonn and I would like to see his pride taken down a notch or two.

    1. Why? What’s wrong with Zonn? Where did he show undue pride?

      I mean, Ipola just arrived and basically acts as if she was the queen of the Sun Clan, which she is not.
      Zonn sternly bu politely put her back in her place and drew a line, and that was right.

      Besides, he didn’t completely rule out the possibility of the Sunners being involved in the oncoming war.
      He just said he needed a bit of time to present the matter to his people.

      1. The King of the Sun Tribe is already the sworn vassal of the Erogenian Queen. He’s also shown that he will repeatedly desert whatever effort is being made to go do his own thing. He also abandoned at least two kids. Lots of triggers there.

      2. In September 1939, Britain declared war on Germany. A few days later the Canadian parliament voted to declare war on Germany. There was a point being made that Canada had become an independent country that was supporting Britain, not Britain’s vassal that automatically followed Britain. The Sun Tribe would probably want to do something similar.

      3. You know what? I wanted to write Thann and it ended Zonn. Having a 10 months old is not easy on the brain.
        So yeah, absolutely Zonn is cool with me, as his reaction with Ipola. I thought she was a bit rushy and we discovered why after.
        So, again I would like to see the pride of Thann taken down a notch, by Zonn or Zona. I thought Zona, because she had a story with her father as well.
        Sincère excuse to poor Zonn.

      4. I’d say the line is more blurry there about Ipola’s status regarding the Sun Clan.

        Granted, said Clan never swore fealty to Ipola as is. On the other hand, they clearly identify as Erogenian and she is the queen of all Erogenia, not to mention (see the link below) some of them were subjects to her before following Zonn in battle. He knows this, and he has sworn fealty to her (something his newer status doesn’t preclude, technically), so if Ipola wanted to pull rank on him she’d have a right to. It would be something of a political mistake, but there are enough people, in the Fire Tribe if nowhere else, that chafe at her rule that letting the Sun tribe remain independent would create a dangerous precedent.

        Now, Erogenians being Erogenians, Ipola knows – emotional insecurity aside – that she’d better let them come to her by realizing it’s in their own best interests rather than force the issue. So she almost didn’t.

        EmmaC, frangine, I just re-read the whole fight scene between Zonn and Ipola ( starts here if you don’t feel like searching : ) and I have to admit that I didn’t feel Zonn was being overly prideful. Then again, I may have missed something there; would you care to elaborate?

        1. As I say… (eh I certainly posted my answer while yours was being published) I was thinking about Thann not Zonn and it ended being Zonn. AND I can’t edit my first answer…
          So, sorry to have enduce you all in error! if you re-read my answer in those pages (and no, I don’t want you to go there) you’ll see I’m on Zonn side not really on Ipola’s (until we learn what is behind all this reaction between the two).
          So, Thann: I don’t like the guy and I am not ready to give him a remission arc….
          Please, if someone can edit!!!!!

        2. I hope it’ll no make a double post…. (I posted this morning but nothing appeared so I’ll answer again).
          well, I answered just before you that I had intended to say ‘Thann’ but ended writing ‘Zonn’ instead, because I have 4 yo and a 10 mo that keeps crying and my brain is addled since I have this second baby.
          And, as I said, I was rather on the side of Zonn with this whole Ipola scene, up until we realize what she was really afraid of.
          I hope this answer will make it to the publish state and that I won’t have a double post.

          in any case, once again, it was a mistake and I can edit my first post… and anyway, if I was to do that it would be worst because everyone would be confused…
          So… Thann, not Zonn.

  7. I think Tethik would very much like to go after Thann, but knows his responsibilities prevent him from it. And I think he also knows Thann is probably right about him losing such a fight. But of course, that doesn’t mean he can’t be bitter about it.

    1. I agree with you that if Tethik got into a fair fight against Thann he would probably lose. That being said, Tethik knows that as well and would probably prepare the confrontation in advance to even out the odds. It would still be awfully difficult (Thann having some reason to be more than a little paranoid usually, and even more now), but feasible. (It would require quite a lot of resourcefulness, favors and expenses, that being said. I’m sure that with the war going on they’d be better spent elsewhere.)

  8. Almost all older men (like me) are 20 year old souls and spirits trapped in 60 year old bodies. The smarter calmer ones recognize it and know our limitations. Tethik is smarter and calmer. While his heart yearns to fight with thann for vengeance sake, his mind knows he would be killed.

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