JEEVIK: The climate here is a trifle warm for such a cloak, your Majesty, May I ?

IPOLA: You may, thank you, and these as well.

JEEVIK: Very good, Majesty.

IPOLA: Hm. Have we ever met before?

JEEVIK: The possibility is an extremely remote one, your Majesty.

IPOLA: Zona …

ZONA: Mother …

IPOLA: Oh … you’ve been through so much. My baby …

ZONA: Mother!  I’m so sorry!  Cha na amanh

IPOLA: Me too, my child. Cha na amanh.

ZONA: I … I said awful things …

IPOLA: Some of them were well deserved. But it’s balanced, now. At least for me.

ZONA: We just need to go home now and it will be.