IPOLA:  So – hello, Mentl.

MENTL: Ma’am.  Uhh … your Majesty.  Ma’am. (oy)

IPOLA: You did it.

TULA: Yes.

IPOLA: Of course you did.  And so much more. I could not be more proud of you right now, Tula.

TULA: A lot more was at work than just us.

IPOLA: It always is. I’m still proud of you. Both of you.  My girls!

IPOLA: (To Mentl) And you.

MENTL: Your Majesty.

IPOLA: I need to balance a few things between us.

MENTL: Wha – no ma’am, you didn’t do anything …

IPOLA: I know what I did and what I didn’t do, Mentl.  I also know what I bear responsibility for.

MENTL: You were just trying to look out for your people.  I … freaked out. That’s on me, not you.

IPOLA: Yes it is, but not completely.  I was afraid. I acted and spoke out of fear and I passed that fear on to you when there wasn’t anything to gain by it.  To act out of fear alone is always an offense to the cha, no matter the cause.   There are always consequences. And I owe you for my part in it.  

MENTL: So – what do we do?

IPOLA: It can be very simple. Ask any honorable thing of me, and if it’s within my power I will grant it.

MENTL: Wow … well, I don’t need … I mean, you don’t have to.   You –

ZONA: Yes, she does.

TULA: Yes. She does.

MENTL: Oh.  Umm …


MENTL: Well, you know, now I think of it, yeah.  There is something.