ZONN: (Gazing into the sky)  Just look at that!

MENTL: What – wait, I see it now.   What …?

ZONN: It’s an Aburor.  Don’t usually see them this far east.  

MENTL: Okay, what the hell is –

JEEVIK: The Aburori are raptor birds of gigantic size.  They are not numerous, and their territory is in the high mountains in northern Erogenia, so I am informed. I have never had the privilege of witnessing one in flight until now.  They are friendly with the Hawk Tribe.

ZONN:  Ipola used to have some friends among them.  Made a pact during the war where we basically keep our arrows to ourselves, and they don’t steal our cattle or interfere with our troops.

It is a big fellow.  Something odd about its head. It’s … something on it?

TULA: It’s Mother.