TETHIK: Rise up, scion of Holy Georg!  Rise up!

BEDIK: Mwah?  Oh1 My lord!

TETHIK: Yes.  Go clean yourself and become useful.   Unless I miss my guess both you and your lover here have duties this morning.

BEDIK: Yes, my lord …

MERTEAN: “Lover?”  We ain’t lovers!

BEDIK: It’s all right – it’s – he’s –

MERTEAN: We ain’t! I ain’t like dat!

BEDIK:  He knows! He knows.

TETHIK: (grinning)  Do I?

MERTEAN: (seeing the Princip) Oh! yer Worship!

TORIAN: On about yer duties, den, Spearman.

MERTEAN: Aye, yer Worship.  And just to say again, I ain’t like dat – he … he ain’t my lover.  

TORIAN: O’ course.