As they retreat they hear “It’s fine.  All fine. It’s just fine …”


GUDIK:  I have to say, stopping this war does seem like it was Divine Intervention.  Maybe these two are a … portent.

TORIAN: We can hope so.  But it will take more dan portents.   God obviously means for his Chosen to take part in de comin’ trial.  De Final Days, as are foretol’. But our armies leave behin’ much dat is broken in dis great mistake, for such we migh’ jus’ly call it.  I have your promise to undo what can be undone, help to rebuil’ what has been broken, and feed and clot’ de maimed and orphaned.

GUDIK: If we all survive, Princip, I will put gold and men in service of doing just that, by God and my crown.  I give the responsibility of negotiating and organizing the particulars to my cousin. I think there’s no better hands I could leave it in.  

TETHIK: Yes, your Majesty.

GUDIK: Pity you’ll miss all the fighting.  It’s going to be a jolly great war!

TETHIK: My sword won’t make that big a difference in the battles you’re facing, cousin.  And if you lose – well, we’ll have enough to do here in the East. (sudden thought) Speaking of which, if you’ll excuse me, gentle lords, there is one last personal detail I need to tend to.

TETHIK: (furious) Thrasu’s BALLS!