TULA: For what it’s worth, I think you made a very persuasive case.

IPOLA: I am glad the three of you were there to add your voices.

TULA: Me too.

IPOLA: Zonn’s right.  They’re … an unallied tribe. We can’t hold them to an oath that only some of them took twenty-five or thirty years ago.

TULA: We could.  There’s a precedent.  

IPOLA: I won’t.

TULA: I know.

POLA: I … am so glad you are here. So glad you found Mentl, and that you and Zona are well.    

TULA: Not half as glad as we are, but yes, I appreciate it.

IPOLA: What about the artifact?

TULA: The Book?  Mentl has It – or It has him.  It pops in and out when It pleases Itself to do.  We no longer worry about It when It disappears. It always comes back eventually.

IPOLA: Ah – until the time It doesn’t.

TULA: I try not to think about that.

UISSAN: Your Majesty …