ZONN:  And you are right about one thing: With what’s at stake, we have no right to hold ourselves apart from the fight.  I know the Urtts as well as you do. It wouldn’t end in Erogenia.

IPOLA: No – no, it wouldn’t. Have you spoken to Uissan?

ZONN: Yes.  I understand that they look at the Urtts as … victims like themselves, in a way. But even he acknowledges that three thousand years later they’re as responsible for themselves as we are.  But … well, they’re talking among themselves about it. We’ll see if they come up with something. Anyway. The answer you were looking for from me is – yes. If you call, I will come. Alone if necessary, but with all our strength if possible.

IPOLA:  I have something for you, then.  These are few and precious. We still have not figured out how to duplicate the magick in them, but I brought this one for you.

ZONN: What … what does it … do?

IPOLA: I’ll teach Chera and you together, to make sure that there’s always someone who knows how to use it.  Watch: (chanting) Lunadeia chela mu. Mihra Suvrema Yanora Nan!

YANORA: Yes, Ipola?  Ohhhh … Well, well, well!