IPOLA:  But seriously – only use it when it’s vital you send the message instantly.  There’s so much we still don’t know about these rings. Whether the enemy can detect them, for instance, or if there is a limit to how much energy is in them – everything we find out just raises more questions.

ZONN: I  understand.  And you’re leaving tomorrow.

IPOLA: Yes.  

ZONN: Let’s make good use of the time, then.

IPOLA:  Zonn …


IPOLA: Zonn, there’s still so much to discuss, to plan … to … arrange …

ZONN:  Of course.  Hours until noon.  We’ll talk about it over breakfast.

IPOLA: It’s just … we  … I … oh, Goddess, I wish I didn’t love you so much …

ZONN: So inconvenient.

IPOLA: Terribly …

JEEVIK: Good morning, my l –  


JEEVIK: Very good.  I’ll keep the breakfast warm for awhile, then.