GUARD:  (pokes head in) Forgive me, you Highness, your Grace.  But Bishop Macon sends word that he must meet with your Highness immediately.

MALDIK: Ah .. all right, I –

GUARD: He said it was urgent, your Highness. That you needed to consider “the Erogenian question.”  I don’t know what –


GUARD: Yes, your Grace.

YANORA: Maldik?  

MALDIK: Ahhh … No … no, it’s … I can’t.

YANORA: Maldik –

MALDIK: No!  No, I’m past that, long … long past it. You don’t get it – you don’t understand.  Nobody does! It’s … it’s wrong! All of it is wrong! But I can’t stop it! Nobody can!


He runs out, crying “it’s all wrong!  All of it!”