IPOLA: (in Aburor speech)  <Greetings wind wandering Hrraarch, Hanch-Daughter.  Ipola Ravonna-Daughter greets you with gratitude.>

HRRAARCH: <Greetings, Ipola Ravonna-Daughter. Hrraarch, Hanch-Daughter comes as agreed.  We ride the wind now back to our own eiries.>

TULA: <Honor follows you, noble Hrraarch Hanch-Daughter, and from us take gratitude for bringing our Mother to us.>

ZONA: <Honor-bibble Hrraarch Daughter-Hanch, me is too thanks also you  as eldest daughter’s mother child.>

HRRARRCH:  You do me honor, children of my friend.  But as the speech of Aburori folk seems difficult in your mouth, let me return your greeting in the tongue of Erogenian folk.  Well met, though briefly. You are Tula Ipola Daughter, and you are Zona Ipola Daughter. We know much of you from speech with Ipola Ravonna-Daughter.  Respect to you.

ZONA: Thank you…

TULA: Thank you

ZONN: Welcome, Hrraarch, daughter of Hanch, to the Sun Tribe. I lead these people.  I am Zonn.

HRRARCH: Of course you are.  Ipola Ravonna-Daughter has spoken much of you, Zonn Tera-Son.