TULA: Fiz?! Fiz!  Goddess, Fiz, please … 

FIZ: Puh-princess …Y-your face …  is as beautiful as the sky …

TULA:   Ohh – you’re a sweetie.  Looks like you could use some help. 

FIZ: Oh … I suh-seem to be … dying …

TULA: Not today.   (begins healing him)

MENTL: Hey, Stud. 

RANNIK: “Mentl” – right?

MENTL: Yup.  

RANNIK: I am … Rannik. 

MENTL: Of course you are.  (pause) With a busted wing, no less. 

RANNIK: Ohh – just a … scratch.  

MENTL: (examines him)  Crap – that’s nasty. Bet it smarts, too.

RANNIK: Your gift for understatement is … impressive.  Can you heal it?`