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TRANSCRIPT:   KOR LACHNIS: <Now, woman, trapped as thou surely art now, must thou yield! > IPOLA: <You’re a slow learner, aren’t you?  Unlike you, I don’t fear death, and I will never surrender to you.  You will have to kill me. > <And you’d better do it quickly before I have a chance to recover.>   KOR LACHNIS: (admiringly)  <See now, Owner Gorshash, the steel in the soul of an Erogenian? Of such are all true Erogenians made.  And when thou look’st in thy heart and findest strength, it is of this stamp, and cometh from Eroghen. All dost thou owe unto Shuach and to thy makers, my people.  Shuach granted us this power - and these will never bow to thee, but only to Him through m --! >    While he was monologuing Gorshash was behind him and plunged a blade into his heart.    KOR LACHNIS: (Blood bubbling from his mouth) Hah hhh … hahahaha!   Oh, my … my son. That … is … perfect …   Kor Lachnis dies.

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  1. It was always going to end this way.

  2. TheRandomSpectator

    “A perfect hatred”

  3. All I can say is, WOW!!

  4. See, Kor Lachnis. It is not love that is twisted and perverse, it is hatred.

    You gave him permission to test you, and test you he has. YOU HAVE FAILED!

  5. *PONDERS*
    I… do not understand the motivations here.
    Wait… I think I do.
    Kor was putting himself before Shauch.
    The punishment for that is Death.
    That or Gorshash wasn’t going to let Kor kill Ipola for he swore his revenge…
    Or Shauch told him to kill Kor… directlly.
    That eye has a STRONG glow to it.

  6. Well, now. *THIS* is going to get interesting. Wonder where JED’s going to go with this? Only one thing we *can* be sure of: He’s gonna surprise us. ^_^

  7. I mean, we all knew it would happen at some point. And this was probably the best chance he had. But I still think Shuach will be pissed for Gorash killing a higher priest of his. Might need to defect to the Moon for protection?

    1. An Urtt, defecting to the Erogenian?? A random Urtt might succeed. Might. But Gorshash? It’s a lost cause.

    2. Given what we know of Shuach, I imagine he probably approves of backstabbing. After all, if Kor-Lachnis wasn’t strong enough to deal with an uppity underling, it’s Kor’s weakness, not Gorash’s.

  8. Oft evil will, shall evil mar.

    The Urrt was not up for hearing about perpetual supremacy from KL’s lips.

    Thus is the idea of a perpetual lowest position on a supposedly eternal pyramid betrayed by its own lust for the top of the pyramid.

  9. I look forward to discovering the “WHY” of this — with “KL” dead, she’ll be impossible for Gorshash to stop on his own.
    Ipola isn’t stupid-enough to take him for an ally, much less a friend.
    Still, I’m pretty-sure that she WILL want to know why he helped her.
    Let’s not forget, she made a vow years ago that this attack now obligates her to fulfill.
    Seriously, though, in her place, I’d not hold still until “KL” was reduced to ashes — lest someone might decide that he was “too useful to leave un-resurrected”.
    While Gorshash might be spared (for now) for having assisted her, I feel as though he’s not really worthy of being feared for his power …
    … only for his cunning & cleverness.

  10. I did NOT see that coming. Good storytelling!!!!!

  11. I did NOT see that coming!! Good storyltelling!!!!

  12. Backstabbing Kor Lachnis while he is busy dispatching a strong priestess-queen in full overchanneling mode… It’s either very smart or very stupid.
    Well, it is highly unlikely that a better opportunity would present itself, so I see why Gorshash would decide it’s worth trying.

    Sidenote: the inclusion of ‘boobs’ along the other tags is cracking me up. This is not a chain of tags you see everyday. Well, sometimes ‘boobs’ and ‘politics’, but the stories are usually quite differents
    Sidenote 2: ‘Monster’ in the tags? Who is the monster here?

  13. Aw, yiish! That was beautiful! 😀 So well done! Gorshash finally had enough of Kor Lachnis’ gloating and superiority. Or was he simply done cultivating his hatred?
    Such a well done murder. (On this I agree with Kor Lachnis). Very reminiscient of how Thrawn dies in The Last Command (only Thrawn did it with more style).

    Now… what happens now? I doubt Gorshash actually believes he can defeat Ipola, but maybe he will still try.

  14. As a wise man once said, curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal! I mean who really didn’t see this coming eventually? Still the timing seems a bit odd. I’m not sure how magic works in this reality but usually when a spell caster dies most of their spells cease. This may not have been the brightest thing Gorshash has done but then again he hasn’t been all that bright in the past. He is cunning but not what I would call wise. Hopefully this plays to Ipola’s advantage.

    1. This was not a betrayal. This was obedience to Kor Lachnis. KL was just instructing Gorshash to never surrender. So he unsurrendered. It’s as simple as that.

  15. (I was about to leave it at that, but I’m such a chatterbox.) Congratulations to all my brothers and sisters who remembered that Gorshash wasn’t entirely out of the picture; I for one had counted him out.

    But I think none of us had seen that coming. You know, I’ve heard of writers who kill their main good guy pretty much after all the exposition is done, to show they mean business and anything goes? (Not naming names so I won’t spoil this book or that. I regretted knowing, before I read one of these book, that someone was going to die soon.) We can safely say that JED has raised the bar in that regard too.

    Again: splendid.

  16. I stood and applauded! Who’s with me?


  17. Jaw. On. Floor.

    I did NOT see that coming.

    Well played, Jed; well played. Kudos!

  18. Didn’t see that coming!

  19. OK I truly did not see that coming. Wonder what Gorshash plans to do with Ipola? If he gives her the time she might be more capable than him. And Shuach might not be that happy with him either come to think of it…

    1. What better revenge than for Ipola to know that were it not for Gorshash, she would be dead?

      Anything more than that would be nice from his POV, but I doubt Gorshash is depending upon achieving that.

  20. For odd reference, the stab was through the lungs. or possibly the esophagus, but most likely the lungs. That’s where blood in the throat would come from. Otherwise there is no way for it to get there.

    1. That blade almost certainly went through multiple organs. I’m surprised it didn’t come out the front.

  21. where did gorshach stab him? can’t he recover from that perhaps?

  22. Oh Kor Lachnis you fool, you just HAD to start monologuing, didn’t you? No good ever comes from that!

  23. Gorshash’s actions here were intelligent. More intelligent yet: freeing Ipola and trying to bargain with her. “I’ve spent all my life studying the ways of the old Eregonians. The ways you renounced. So… convince me that your new ways are better. Convince me you’ve changed from the evil bastards who created us. Convince me you’re actually different from HIM.”

    1. This would be AWESOME.

      Of course, it might totally deflate the Great Final War to come and be quite anticlimactic, but 1) that could be addressed in character by someone blurting out, “we don’t get to fight a war?” and Ipola, or better yet, Zona, Zonn, or Yatta-Ta, maybe even Pontagar jumping down their throat about how no one who has been through a war can possibly want one, bar idiots or madmen, and 2) unless I be mistaken, there remains the small matter of the dragons to attend.

    2. Seems unlikely, given Gorshash’s actions to date and his hatred for Ipola.

      1. Yes, but the main reason he hates her is because she’s Eregonian. The Urrts are what they are because the Eregonians USED to be like Granddad.

  24. I didn’t expect this. I feel though that Gorshash’s attack had nothing to do with Ipola and everything to deal with a distract, overconfident not so bright idiot. Or is he since this is a predictable result of his treatment of Gorashash’s. Does he have contingency spells already cast?

  25. For once, I agree with Kor. That was perfect.

  26. Now comes the question… Did he kill him to siphon of his power into himself or did he do it so he can reason with the prisoner.

  27. If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine

  28. “No matter how subtle the wizard, a knife between the shoulderblades will seriously cramp his style.” – Stephen Brust

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