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TRANSCRIPT RANNIK: Fiz?   TULA: He’ll live.  He may even fight again, but … there was a lot that was broken.  He can’t walk back.     GUNTIG: We need to go, all.  Now.    ZONA: Get your eyes up top, Guntig.  Let us know if anyone is coming. We’ll bug out as soon as we can.  TRANSCRIPT: RANNIK: We don’t have enough strength to carry the dead with us, Zona, not with the wounded, as well.  And a blaze would draw attention.    YATTA-TA: No! No, you  can’t just leave her here to be -   RANNIK: I’m sorry Yatta-ta, but there’s no time -   YATTA-TA:What? Do you not care -you know what will happen!   ZONA: Yatta-ta, she is my kin! How easy do you think this is for me? But we have to go now!   YATTA-TA: No, no! I … I will stay - no one else needs to -    MENTL:  Hang on.  Lemme … gimme a minute, okay?   Dig my grave Dig my grave Every time you call my name I hear the angels say "Dig my grave" Dig my grave

20 thoughts on “In A Hurry – Page 1148

  1. “Dig My Grave” by They Might Be Giants. Tough song, I can see where it might need to be slowed down. A lot.

  2. Maybe Mentl doesn’t know Mickael Jackson’s songs, ’cause if there’s one place to sing Heal the World, it’s there.

    1. No DeltaFX, he needs a song that involves burying Sheala, hopefully out of reach of the Urrts, who’ll happily eat her corpse (which is why Yatta-Ta is having a minor freak-out over them just leaving her body behind). So “Dig My Grave” is appropriate for this occasion.

  3. Well, that’s a quick ‘fix’.

  4. *quietly applauds, then gives a respectful moment of silence*

  5. Hmm… could Mentl teleport the casualties back to the Moon Tribe’s fort?

  6. By the way, how old would Guntig be, please?

  7. I had to look that one up.

  8. Ahhhh! I love that you went with TMBG for this!

  9. Slower tempo, yeah

  10. I am afraid I am unfamiliar with many of the songs you reference. Perhaps, if you were to put a list in the site, naming the song, and the artist who performed the version to which you refer. Also, serious bummer about Sheahla.

    1. That song list would be a good feature, indeed.

  11. I am afraid I am unfamiliar with many of the songs you make reference to. Perhaps you should put a list of the songs, and the artist that performed them in the context to which you refer. Also, truly serious bummer about Sheahla!

    1. The songs referenced generally get named fairly quickly in the comments. Sometimes they take a bit to get through moderation, but you can be sure they’ll be here.

      If that fails, type a stanza of the lyrics in double quotes, followed by the word lyrics not in those quotes, into duckduckgo or google, and you’ll generally get results quickly. For example,

      “dig my grave” lyrics

      brings up matches on two songs for me. One of them is the right one. The portion of the songs that either search engine report for me do not include the other lines quoted here, but it does include enough of the TMBG song to show it has a similarly religious tone to the above, and the other song appears to have a different (though possibly still religious, according to the google matches). Also, the other one has “go and dig my grave” as the repeated line in the quoted text, which feels very different to me.

  12. Mentil, you schmuck, what took you so long? You coulda had ’em all back to wherever by now?

  13. Sorry for posting twice. I thought the first one didn’t go through.

  14. I really hope Mentl buried all the dead with that song, not just Sheahla. They deserve better than to become urtt food.

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