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  1. While on one hand I’m rather pumped to hear its getting animated, I look at the picture used to announce it and wonder who hit Zona with the fugly forest? I mean Zona in the comic is pretty muscular and not a runway model by any stretch but that picture looks like she went ten rounds with a troll and it kicked the living piss out of her face.

    And I know you likely can’t use the same models and have to remake the characters probably from scratch but the difference is just so jarring.

  2. Mentl looks all right, but sorry that Zona is buttugly.
    Your original has a much nicer, longer “aristocratic” nose and her eyes aren´t as tight together as this goblin-Zony.

    Back to the drawing board, please.

  3. Didn’t I see Mentil in a Geico commercial?

  4. I disagree on a number of points about attractiveness, but I agree wholeheartedly that that is not Zona’s face. Or hair. To my memory the shortest is has ever been is mid back and that is barely shoulder length

  5. I must concur with the others, I hope Zona is done better in the actual release than this. She is a beauty and this does not do her justice.

  6. I didn’t want to be the first to say it, but these two models really are noticeably different from the comic versions, and not in a good way. Their faces are so over-detailed that they look like they’ve aged fifteen years. I’m also not sure because of the POV whether Mentl’s head is too big or his hands are too small… I’m sorry man, I really wanna be excited, but I can’t yet.

  7. The change to Zona’s face is quite startlingt, and I think.. it is not a good change.

    I ..DO.. like her body better here though; not as overly muscled as before but still appearing quite strong.

    Is it just me or is the head on this Zona model a touch small? It appears her face is tiny compared to the ‘poofiness’ of her hair.

  8. Good God! She looks like a damned Urrt! The proportions of her leg at the knee are just totally wrong. And when did she buy a wig made of dirty straw?

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