8 1103

IPOLA:  But the gods seemed not to be done with me yet, because look who found me.


ZONA: (hugging Keltan) Keltan!  Oh, my dear dear Keltan!  Thank you! 


KELTAN: Beautiful little Zona.  It … uhh .. it was my pleasure. 


LIRI: Both our pleasures. 


MENTL: Welcome back, Mom-In-Law. 


IPOLA: My son. 


TULA: Mother …


IPOLA:  Tula! Have I told you lately how proud I am of you?


TULA: Well – 


IPOLA: I am immensely proud of you.  And yes – the ring. I need to take care of that.  Tula.  Please come with me. 


Ipola climbs stairs of the Tower Of The Moon, followed by Tula

TULA Where exactly are we going?

IPOLA: My offices.  There’s something that needs to be done immediately.

They enter Ipola’s sanctum together

IPOLA: Love what you’ve done with your hair, by the way.

TULA: Thanks. Zona actually did the braiding.

IPOLA: She’s far more creative than she gives herself credit for.

Ipola makes a mystic pass over her desk. 

IPOLA: Luna deia chela mu. Buat betani tehlan

Okio chalanyonan yonaniufincho

 A walnut box with brass fittings appears.

8 1103

Pressing Concern – Page 1200

8 thoughts on “Pressing Concern – Page 1200

  1. When you’ve left a coms system, that is supposed to be secure, in the hands of an enemy, there’s no time like the present to minimize the damage for the other nodes in the network. Might one *hope* that box is a retrieval system for those rings????

  2. Not exactly.

    Stay tuned.
    Warm regards.

    1. I envision 3 possibilities:
      1)__”Recall”: Summon the ring, which might even yank a finger off of an unwary “misuser”, if it wasn’t ‘warded’ to SHOCK anyone’s unauthorized attempt to wear it.
      2)__”Connect”: Speak to her green adversary, & try negotiating once again.
      3)__”Secure”: Detonate the ring by releasing all its stored energy in one explosive burst.
      …anything else (including inaction) would risk giving the enemy time-enough to (eventually) unravel the ring’s secrets, to the detriment of the Moon Tribe.

      1. 4)__ spamming the green enemy, dissing him, shit-posting, annoying him. :-3

        1. @[Reservist]:
          LOL — I’d’ve labelled that “2A”, as in a “less friendly” form of communication.
          EXAMPLE: Broadcasting a roar of sound that’s loud-enough to rupture eardrums, collapse any loose stones in the cavern-system, & allow passersby outside the mountain to pinpoint the enemy’s position..

          But, yes, “trash-talking” them works too.
          #I_Hear_Echoes_Of_Tokyo_Rose … 😉 … 🙂 … 😛 … 😀

        2. @DMC-Run
          I see that we are quite like-minded on that point.
          I am rejoiced by this fact. :-3
          (Ooooo, reference to Tokyo Rose. The History Refence is strong with that one.)

          P.S.: Ah, the tactical use, indeed. Or, amongst the nerve-wracking things, making them hear annoying sounds, shitty music (think about shitty flute. Check these two words on YouTube, and… you can thank me later. Or not. ^^)

  3. Excelent point, Tom. Hey, maybe we should share that on Face–
    Oh. Wait.

  4. Lovely page. Very mysterious.

    I have to ask; what happened to Ipola’s circlet? She was seen putting it on when she left the Urtt cave, but she hasn’t been wearing it since. Why not? She doesn’t seem the type to remove the sign of her being a regent.

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