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PONTAGAR: I’m sorry, Father.  So very very sorry. 


Arrogond DIES


NAURIK(offscreen) : God’s flaming blood!


NAURIK appears behind him in the doorway.  He is aghast at the scene


NAURIK: What – What is this?  What have you done?  What have you done?!


PONTAGAR: I have killed a liar, an oathbreaker and a traitor. 


Naurik examines Arrogond’s corpse


NAURIK: He’s dead – his spirit is no longer here. Good Gods, do you know what – 


PONTAGAR: Gather the full council and witnesses.  I need to undergo the Gaeth Fertuan.  I will take the potion in front of everyone and testify so they all know what really happened here just now.  


NAURIK: Ah … of course, but – 


PONTAGAR: (Takes the ring from Arrogond’s hand) And I need to use this. I need to alert Ipola and the others about –


NAURIK: Your Highness, I agree, all must know the story of what happened today.  But before we go involving the Moon queen and the rest of the Erogenian council members, best you get it straight in your own mind how this …  this terrible accident happened … 


Nauric’s eyes glow as he begins to weave a subtle spell


PONTAGAR: “Accident?”  No, it was no accident, high priest, Arrogond was a traitor, he was – 


NAURIK: That is not possible, my son, wouldn’t you agree?  No, no, I’m sure your father was loyal and truthful until the end. 


PONTAGAR: I … uh … suddenly I feel so tired. 


NAURIK: That’s understandable, Highness. You’ve just had a great shock.


8 2861

Quid Est Veritas? – Page 1230

8 thoughts on “Quid Est Veritas? – Page 1230

  1. So, Naurik switched from “your Highness” to “my son.”
    Is he exerting his religious authority, or has the spirit of Arrogand possessed him?

  2. So Naurik was the inside man who influenced Arrogand in that past scene a few hundred chapters back. This is going to get messy.

  3. THIS is why Pontigar needed to grab some witnesses BEFORE confronting his father. I didn’t know that this particular specific problem would crop up, but with a whole bunch of people as witnesses, then it would be very difficult for the priest to enchant *everybody* into forgetting the treasonous thoughts being promoted among them.

    …Also, if this priest can influence the father, he will definitely try to influence the son…though I think it’ll be a very tough sell.

  4. “God’s flaming blood!”
    Yep. Naurik’s a Schuite.

  5. It looks like he is using Magic, the question is if Pontagar can resist or not.

  6. Pontagar may be about to get thoroughly screwed!

  7. Uh-oh. This doesn’t look look. I don’t think Pontagar has any special magick resistance so his memories might be about to be altered. The question is if Ipola et al. can bring the truthful memories back later on so all is revealed.

  8. Always two there are…

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