Reason Not The Need – Pg1270

3 thoughts on “Reason Not The Need – Pg1270

  1. Ah, nice to see Darvik again. (I’ve been commenting on some people’s looks changing, so I’ll comment that I recognized him right away.)

    I thought it would have already been done. Then again, nothing says it’s a quick process, and it’s entirely possible a specific star alignment is required.

    Oh, and “Luna’s tits”. I don’t know how I can use this in polite company, but maybe I can make an NPC say that in a RPG session. Thanks for the phrase!

  2. Hot damn! Lirna’s hot as hotness incarnate!

  3. Ah, they have met in the past before Darvik ran from the tripe? I hope we get to see they meet again.
    And Luna’s Tits is a fun phrase. XD

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