Rest In Peace – Page 1149

TRANSCRIPT:   "Dig my grave" Dig my grave   Mentl plows a hole in the ground sufficient for the corpses - all while keeping the dirt suspended above it   GUNTIG: Well, that’s ... TULA: Impressive? 

23 thoughts on “Rest In Peace – Page 1149

  1. Good to know he can still surprise and impress them.
    Now, go surprise the Urrts some more.
    Namely, go impress your boot heel into the Urrts some more.

  2. I, just, found a translation of Pontagar’s face that I like.
    I think he just realized what he nearly faced way back here.
    That should shaken him just a bit.

    1. Ha, we thought of the same event! Your post wasn’t available for reading when I wrote mine… Great minds think alike, I guess.

  3. He’s getting sedi Mentil over them.

    1. You can show yourself out, right?

      More seriously, take a bow, poor brother. That was splendid.

    2. Hah! Nice one, brother Parvus. 🙂

  4. Two male fatalities, and two female ones (If the rightmost one is a female, that is.)
    Death is indeed THE Equaliser, here too.

    I can’t help myself from smiling a bit at seeing the faces prince Pontagar and Yatta-Ta make. ^^

  5. I wonder if Michael could dig a trench network like this, with dugouts, chicaneries, etc., if given a plan to read.

    It could come in quite handy, especially for siege warfare. Even for mobile warfare, to dig trap pits, look-out posts, earth ramparts.

    This guy would be all the rage in ancient times, and be quite of use, even today.

  6. I know I comment real often on facial expressions here, but this first panel is a gem. Six characters, six different expressions, all perfectly justified.

    Yatta-Ta’s astonishment is superb of course. Pontagar makes me wonder if he is thinking back to that one time ( ) …

    1. That’s likely to be the case, indeed.

  7. It’s a good thing they’re dead, or they’d be in agony with those back-breaking poses.

  8. What I think is impressive is that Zona’s nipples are poking through leather. Look somebody had to say it, how cold is that forest?

    1. It may be due to the stimulation of victory.

  9. Not that simple – it’s Mentl’s magic, which always turns her on.

    1. Actually, they’re kind of poky about six pages ago. I think that’s before Mentil magic and before victory. So I’m thinking it was the anticipation of a proper battle after so long without.

  10. Oh dig my grave…
    Down wide and deep…
    Put a marble stone…
    at my head and feet…
    And in the middle…
    A turtle Dove…
    So the world will know…
    That I died for Love

  11. Yes, Pontigar, he really is that powerful. Now remember to respect your betters. Mentl is no boy.

    I like that he digs what looks like a deep grave for them to be laid to rest. No chance of the urtts digging them up again.

    1. True that, Lora. Though, in Mickael’s place, I would still avoid going physical with prince Pontagar.
      It would require for the prince to use the element of surprise so Mentl does not have time to blast his magic mojo,
      but on physical strength alone, Mentl is, well, like a destroyer trying to take on a full-on battleship.

      1. Perhaps, but that destroyer has nuclear tipped cruise missiles.
        Also, ever hear of the spell “Transformation”?

        1. If said destroyer is hit and sunk before being able to return fire, having nuclear-tipped cruise missiles won’t help.

          I’d say it depends on who shoots and hits first.

          Transformation? As in “Mentl going Hulk”?

      2. I think Mentl has enough practice that he’s not only hard to take truly by surprise, but also that he can cast quite a bit of magick without uttering a word. And yeah, there’s always transfiguration if he really wanted to go down that road. (Though I doubt it).

        1. Fair enough.

  12. … I now want to install a house rule in DnD: you can up your bard’s casting level if you’re able to sing a corresponding song that can go with the spell.

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